Sept/October/Nov/Dec 2013

Week of Jan 6:
Mon: AM Mill in Minneapolis.  8mi with Leen, 62min.  Feelin 85% better.  Forty below zero outside.
Tues: AM Mill 8mi 64 min followed by leg lifting
     PM 3mi mill followed by 60min Pilates.
Wed: AM Mill 8mi 7:50 pace, 60min mat pilates
     PM 7mi 7:50 pace
Thur: AM Mill after 9hrs sleep, 10mi 80min
     PM 7mi outside with COMPANY.  52min, 20 degrees.
Fri: AM 8mi outside solo, cold.
     PM Moved furniture ALL DAY.
Sat: AM with Twin Cities Track Club, six ladies running in the slush.  STILL sore from lifting, hip flexors BURNING in the slush.  11mi at a good clip, 80min, 7:20 pace felt more like 6:40 pace because of the slipping and sliding.  Felt great to MOVE and feel like a runner, not a jogger.
Sun: AM with Twin Cities Track Club, 40 degrees and the roads a lot clearer, 8mi 56min 7min pace.  
     PM treadmill 2mi
Totals: 82mi total.  Great week, super psyched to have found a big group of runners already!  Certainly a group of fast ladies.  Ready to get to work.  First time leg lifting in months with correct form.  Felt really sore.  Also sore from running in that slush.  Every step forward, two inches back!  

Week of Dec 30: 
Mon: AM hilly 10miler with Sarah (sister) 8:00 pace
     PM Flight to ABQ, delayed and long
Tues: AM With Leen and Jesse around Golf Course, 8mi feeling like absolute crap.  Cold sweats like whoa.
     PM 6mi with Jesse and Sal around Johnson Field, 7:45 pace.  Still feel like crap.
Wed: Happy 2014!!!  AM 10mi around Golf Course, feeling SICK.  Finally caught the awful flu my family had...
     PM 6mi, managed only that, tried for 10 but couldn't make it. 
Thur: Feeling REALLY sick now.  Feverish.  Managed 9mi.  Time to hit the road, leaving ABQ today.
Fri: PM in St. Louis.  Driving all day, terrible night of sleep in hotel in Tulsa, arrived in STL and ran with Leen in cold and snow.  Feeling terrible.
Sat: AM STL.  5mi with Leen in the snow.  Still feeling sick but slightly better. 
Sun: DAY OFF.  Arrived in Minneapolis.
Totals: 60mi on road trip week feeling all of AWFUL.  Happy to finally arrive here, know this year will bring a lot of change.  Cheers!

Week of Dec 23: 
Mon: AM St. Louis.  Hilly 10mi unplanned progression.  76min total, last mile 6:35.  Cold 20 degrees.
Tues: AM Hilly 10mi steady, 73min total.  Loving this sea level!  Cold, windy, 20 degrees.
Wed: AM Hilly 10mi total.  First 7 solo 54min, then last 3 miles with family 30min, First Annual Christmas Family 5K!  Merry Christmas!!!
Thur: Noon in York, Maine.  2:13:35 in the snow.  Three inches of snow fall, 17mi total.  Planned on 10mi, but felt good and just kept going.  Last mile got hard because no fuel.  
Fri: AM Long Sands Beach.  2mi w/u, strides, 6xMile (6:22,6:17,6:15,6:17,6:10,5:47), strides, 2mi c/d.  11miles total.  Felt solid, pretty good, windy and cold 30 degrees, slushy and wet, slipping and dodging traffic the whole time, so can't be too disappointed with the splits.
     PM Hilly 4miler with Sarah 8:00 pace
Sat: 11mi with some ladies, easy 8:15 pace because that's what they wanted, had planned on running 2:30 but ended up with chafage that set me back and couldn't get any further or a second run in.
Sun: AM 5mi hike in the snow around Mt. Agamenticus, followed by 8mi run on hilly Maine roads 7:30 pace. 
     PM 2mi on mill.
Totals: 88miles for the week, 83 running and 5 hiking.  Good week, amazing holiday.  Grateful.  Miles and quantity was not difficult, still working on that turnover.  Could feel an absolute difference between sea level and altitude though.  Looking forward to Minnesota to increase that turnover and start 2014 off well!.

Week of December 16:
Mon: AM Academy 10mi 80min around the loop.  Slightly sore from Nationals.
     PM Golf course 6mi with Jesse
Tues: AM Solo in Uptown 3mi
     PM 11.5mi total, 85min steady hilly big Academy loop and on XC course, with 4x100 strides afterwards.  First half solo, second half with Jaynee.  7:30 pace, felt solid.
Wed: AM NE Heights with Lauren and Steph 64min for 7.5mi.  Slow but good recovery.
     PM Golf Course 5.5mi steady with Leen
Thur: AM Uptown 2.5mi easy
     PM Flat Bosque bike path and dirt alongside.  85min 12mi total.  10x2min ~6:10pace in between, with strides afterwards.  
Fri: AM 7mi around Uptown solo 55min
     PM 4.5mi on pavement
Sat: AM MOVING DAY.  UGH stressful!  Thankful for AMAZING FRIENDS!
     PM Golf Course 8 mi solo in the dark with 10x30 second turnover.  
Sun: AM Alameda Last Sunday Long Run in ABQ.  Bittersweet.  121min 16mi progression with Leen down to 7:10 mi 13-15 and 6:50 mi 16.  Crazy NM weather, snow, sun, clouds about 32 degrees.
Totals: 93.5mi for the week.  Had to recount three times because didn't believe it, didn't seem like that much.  Wild last week in Abq.  Life flashes in a second, can't believe it's over...time for new beginnings.

Week of December 9: 
Mon: AM 4mi Wash Park Colorado with Sarah.  Cold zero degrees.
    PM Beaver Creek ski day!  Then sled up Wild Ridge.  
Tues: Noon Frisco, CO Snowy 43 min 5miles, 6x100 strides.  Cold 20 degrees.
     PM Flight back to ABQ
Wed: PM Golf Course in the dark with Leen.  6mi total, with 3min, 2min, 1min pickups and full recovery.  Strongish but timid in the dark.  Felt awful in my tummy.  Curled up in a vall for awhile.  
Thur: AM Golf Course 4mi 8:30s with Leen and Sam.  
     PM Fly to Portland
Fri: AM Drive to Bend, ran XC course.  Tough, muddy, 2K loops.  3mi total with strides.
Sat: AM USATF XC Championships.  9.5mi total with w/u, c/d.  24:46 for 6K.  30 degrees, sunny, windy.  132 of 276 women.  One min slower than last week, Ugh, but gave it everything I had that day.  Held on for two of three loops, fell apart on the third.  Good effort for fitness, HEAVY breathing throughout, sore the next day in my lats, abs, calves, hamstrings from using arms and core to work hard.  Not thrilled with the overall performance I had, but had a blast and can't complain for my first XC race in 8 years.  30 seconds would have brought me 50 places closer to the front.  Humbling experience.  Ready for USA XC Champs in Boulder Feb 2014!
Sun: AM Early drive to Portland, fly back to ABQ slightly delayed.  
     PM 6mi around GC solo in the dark.  TERRIBLE tummy ache from being hungry and flying.  Very slow because of that, 52min, but legs felt nice to move.
Totals: 37.5miles, easy week and nice to go into the race rested.  Can't wait to be fast again.  So much work to do, but optimistic.  Meeting with the nutritionist this week.  

Week of December 2:
Mon: AM Golf Course with Leen, 8mi, great run
     PM solo 4 mi on the mill
Tues: AM Workout at Academy XC course with Steph, w/u, strides, 2min on/3min off x 3, 15min at 6:50pace, 2min on/3min off x 3, strides, c/d. 10.5mi total.  Felt crappy.  Lots of stuff going on.  Just couldn't put it together.
     PM 4.5mi with the boys at Johnson Field, 7:30 pace
Wed: AM Golf Course with Magdalena, 7m at 5:30am, dark and cold.
     PM 5.5 with Leen at GC, 7:55 pace
Thur: AM Foothills, SNOW!  4" accumulation, 3 slow miles 30min.  FUN!
     PM Mill with Leen, 6mi 8min pace
Fri: AM Penn Arroyo 4mi
     PM Penn Arroyo 6mi
Sat: AM 10.5mi total.  Kringle Jingle 6K 23:46 6:20 avg with 2mi w/u, c/d.  First place for me, Tony, Jess, Phil.  Hilly, felt fluid and strong throughout.  Very cold 20 degrees.
     PM 3mi mill
Sun: AM Foothills/Tramway in the snow.  10mi total, 30min 3mi in foothills with Steph, Jaynee, Leen, second seven miles on tramway flat solo.  Snowy and slick the whole way.  
     PM Mill 3miles
Totals: 85miles, light full body lifting.  Solid week with a lot of highs and lows.  Life lows can lead to running lows.  Just didn't have the workout Tues, not even for a second.  Focusing on the positive, unexpected 6K went well.  First place and felt consistent and strong throughout, ran solo the whole time.  Still need to take the speed to the next level.

Week of Nov 25: 
Mon: AM massage with Bresson (lats, posterior tib, quads)
     Mid-AM with Steph at Academy.  60min 7mi around Academy
     PM 5.5mi with Leen and Jess around Golf Course 40min
Tues: AM Academy X-C course for a workout with Leen, Steph, and Kelly.  W/U, strides, 20min steady (6:40pace, 3mi), 5min recovery slow jog, 5/4/3/2/1min intervals progressively faster (no pace, but faster than 6:30 pace through all) with full recovery, strides, C/D.  12mi total.  Felt solid and consistant throughout, not "fast" per say, but still progressing in the right direction.
     PM 4.5mi around Johnson with the boys, 7:30pace.
Wed: AM 3mi in Uptown.  Tired Liz.  
     PM 7mi solo through Uptown area, dark, headlamp and Vizipro necessary, and crazy drivers out on the holiday.  Cautious run!  55min.  
     Light shoulder lifting.
Thur: AM Turkey Trek 5K.  Turkey suit with Saucony jersey for the outfit of the day.  2mi w/u, 19:59 (6:13, 6:29, 6:29).  4mi c/d 30min.  9mi total.  Tough day, chilly, many people talking about difficulty breathing and a deceptive slightly inclined/declined course.  I think it was tough for me 1) because I'm not back to 100% yet, tons of work to do, and 2) I was wearing a felt turkey suit.  Hit my goal of sub-20 though, so I'll take it as the start to a good holiday!
Fri: Noon 10miler, first 4 with Sam, last 6 with Leen.  Great company.  Not sore from yesterday. 
     PM light lifting bi/back/ham
Sat: AM 10mi 80min, part with Alex around Academy.
Sun: AM 90min 10mi in the foothills with Leen and Jaynee.  Foothills are always tough!
     PM 4mi around Academy with 10x30second pickups in the middle.  Felt really really nice to move legs at that pace.  
Totals:  82miles total.  Kinda cold week, still having a bit of trouble breathing, and it seems like my legs have the capability to move but my lungs can't keep up.  Uggh!

Week of Nov 18:
 Mon: AM Massage with Bresson (arms and back)
     Lunch  5.5mi 7:30pace along the riverbank to Corrales
     PM 5.5mi 7:30 pace UNM Golf Course, lift arms
Tues: AM Academy workout with Steph on X-C course.  2mi w/u, strides, 1mi uphill (6:36), 5min recovery, 2mi rolling (6:24,6:24), 5min recovery, 1mi uphill repeat of first mile (6:22), 5min recovery, strides, 2mi c/d.  Total: 10mi, followed by chiropractor.  Felt strong and consistent.
Wed: AM 4mi solo on Penn Arroyo
     PM 6mi solo in rainy 45 degrees at Golf Course
Thur: Academy X-C course solo in AM.  8.75mi total, w/u, strides, 20xmin with 1min recovery, strides, c/d.  Cut c/d short to get to work.
Fri: AM 7mi around Uptown, kinda tired.
     PM Foothill run in the pitch black.  Dumb.  Fell twice.  Slow but happy!  5.5mi.
        Lift glutes/legs
Sat: Lazy lazy day.  5mi with 10x100 strides 20 seconds long.
Sun: Kit Carson park, 102min long run.  13.5mi total.  Cold and snowy 30 degrees.  First 7miles in 54min (7:42 avg), second 6.5miles in 48 (7:23 avg).  Progressed down last two miles 7:12.  Solid. 
     PM Lift arms/abs
Totals: 70.75miles with some decent workouts.  Building building building. 

Week of November 11:
Mon AM flight back from Boston
     PM 7mi on mill 56min
Tues: AM Golf Couse workout with Leen...2mi w/u, strides, 3x10min intervals at half "effort" ~6:40pace with 3min recover, strides, 2mi c/d.  10 mi total.  First day feeling fluid and consistent in a long time!
     PM lift arms abs
Wed: AM 7mi around Academy with Rich and Phil.  58min
     PM 4.5mi easy solo around Johnson, AEROBICS with the crew.  There's a first!
Thur: AM 75min 9.75mi "progression" run.  Sadly, started at 8min pace and progressed only down to 7:15 for last two miles.  Had difficulty breathing today, on a day that was warmer than others.  Solo, 70 degress, on the dirt and singletrack of the Bosque.  4x100strides.
     Lunch Massage with Bresson
     PM Light lift, 5.25mi easy with Lulu Run Club
Fri: AM 5mi easy solo up Pennsylvania Arroyo
     PM Sports psychologist
Sat: AM 7mi with 10x30 second turnover with Leen at Los Pablanos Open Space
     PM Ligh lift, 3mi at sunset
Sun: AM 16mi 2:00:30.  First 10 with the DTC boys, a couple with Steph, last 3 solo progression.  Felt solid.
Totals: 74.5 total.  Some decent progress it seems.  Not quite "speedy," but feeling stronger.  

Week of November 4:
Mon: 3.5mi, hour massage with Bresson
     PM 7mi on mill, 8min pace
Tues: AM 8mi easy
     PM 3mi, lifting one hour
Wed: AM 10mi around golf course
     PM flight to Boston
Thur 8 solid strong mi in York, Maine. Rolling hills, prob 7:30 pace.  No watch, lots of rain and darkness.  Loved it.
Fri 8 mi total with strides and 15xmin at 6min pace with min recovery.  Tough but nice to move the legs
Sat 5 mi easy around Castle Island
Sun 12mi total with 7.5 mi tempo at 6:45 pace, split into a 4.5mi leg and a 3mi leg.
Totals: 64.5 total.  Getting some speed back into the legs!  

Week of October 28:
Mon: Bresson massage in AM
     Lunch: 4mi at lunch
     PM 6mi with Jess and leen
Tues: AM 9mi workout (w/u, 3min with 3min advancing recovery x 6, strides, c/d).  Still feel super slow, heavy.
Wed: AM 60 min hot yoga
     PM 8 mi with Hunter around Golf Course
Thur: AM 3mi easy
     PM 7mi through the neighborhoods with Leen.  Halloween! 

     Red eye to NYC
Fri: 9 mi around Central Park, pretty quick with lots of surges.  Exciting with the marathon in town!
Sat: 10.5 mi around Central Park solo
Sun: NYC Marathon day! 5.5mi quick though NYC streets
     Late night flight back to Abq
Totals: 62 miles, 60 min hot yoga

Week of October 21:
Mon: AM massage with Bresson, 2mi
     PM 7mi easy around Uptown
Tues: AM 9mi workout with Steph at Academy...15min w/u, 6x100strides, 1/2/3/4/3/2/1 pickups with no pacing, full recovery, 34min total, 15min c/d
Wed: AM 4mi easy
     PM Bikram 90min, 6mi run with Leen/Jesse/Loren
Thur: AM Lift arms
     Lunch 4 mi easy around Uptown
     PM 5mi with Leen and the boys around Johnson, 35min.  Fun!
Fri: AM 3mi easy
     PM 6mi around Golf Course solo, sunset and thunderstorms.  Love Albuquerque <3
Sat: AM 11mi total with the ladies.  Loops around the Golf Course, great fall day, but felt way tired.  Glad to have company to get me through it!
Sun: Noonish 8miler with 10x30 second pickups.  Tough getting the legs to turnover, the lungs are having a hard time keeping up!
     PM 60 min hot Vinyasa, light leg lifting after
Totals: 65 miles, a little lifting, 2.5hours yoga.  Feeling better physically, like, ready to run again, but can tell I'm out of shape from where I was.  Time to build on the quality, hopefully before all the quantity.  Club Nationals X-C coming up in December.  Hello 6K!

Week of October 14:
Mon: flight back to Abq early
    PM Bikram and 5 fun miles with Leen (8:00s)
Tues: AM Bikram, 5.5 miles
    PM 3 miles on the mill. Super windstorm!
Wed: AM 6 easy solo (8:20s)
    PM Bikram
Thur: AM Bikram
    PM 4miles (8:00s)
Fri: AM 4miles
    PM 4miles total. Every intention of doing a workout today, but
1.5 miles into the warmup, body and pavement met HARD. Band aids,
NSAIDs, and triple antibiotic for the next few days. No broken bones,
definitely broken pride. Tomorrow is another day, lucky I have good
friends to feed me, laugh with me, and force hydrogen peroxide into my
Sat: Noontime perfect trail run with Sarah (sister) and Quinn (her
BF). 7 miles, 60 minutes.
Sun: Duke City Relay with the Lady Dukes! Leg 4, 6.2 miles, 41:10,
6:38 pace.  One mile WU.  First attempt at speed in over a month,
since Buffalo Thunder. Pain, but breathing much better, fatigue much
better. Coming back! 2nd place team for women, about 30 seconds out of
first place. Not bad for being the only team in costumes!
Totals: 45.5 miles, 6 hours yoga. At the beginning of the week wasn't
so sure, but excited to get back to running now!  Let's roll. 

Week of October 7:
Mon: AM 3mi easy, PM 8mi 60min around Lake Calhoun and Harriet in MN.  Flight back to ABQ.
Tues: PM 60min hot Vinyasa at Cloud 9
Wed: PM 60min hot Vinyasa at Evolv
Thur: AM 90min Bikram
     PM 5mi with Lulu Run Cub, red eye to Boston
Fri: AM 7mi around the Charles, 8:30 pace.  Gorgeous day.  Feeling tight from the flight.
Sat: AM 5mi easy with Jess and Hilary before Jess gets married!
Sun: Got to watch BAA half.  Amazing performances.  Zero miles run by me!
Totals: 28mi running, 3.5 hours hot yoga.  Feeling lazy but less exhausted and I can almost breathe again.  Time to get back at it!

Week of September 30:
Mon: AM massage with Bresson. Worked on shoulders and piriformis. Leg lifting after.
     PM 60 min hot Vinyasa
Tues: AM Bikram 90 min
Wed: AM 5mi 43min around Uptown
     PM flight to St. Louis!
Thur: PM after a day with grandparents, 5mi 42min on the Katy Trail
Fri: AM 4mi 33mim on Katy Trail, flight to Minneapolis!
     PM Bikram yoga 90 min
Sat: 30min easyyyyyy with Jesse, Stew, Leen.  ~3.5mi
Sun: 13mi total...Great day of cheering!  Ran 3mi out to mile 16 to meet Stew, then ran the last 10mi in with him at 10:20 pace, pacing him to a five minute PR of 4:27:32!  Great day.  Sad to not be racing, but happy to be a part of something big.
Totals: 4 hours hot yoga, 30.5mi running.  Still sleeping a lot.

Week of September 23:
Mon: PM 60min hot Vinyasa
Tues: AM Bikram 90min
     PM 2mi run
Wed: AM 3mi run, Lunch lifted a bit
     PM Bikram 90min
Thur: AM Bikram 90min
Fri: PM 60min hot Vinyasa
Sat: AM 4mi run, Bikram 90min
     PM 1.5hrs lifting
Sun: AM 5miles at Alameda with my ladies. Last run before everyone tapers for their big races! Slow and steady. 
     PM Bikram 90 min 
Totals: 14 miles of running, 9.5 hours of hot yoga, some lifting. Saw the sports medicine doctor for UNM this week. Thyroid way out of wack (and "one of the smallest thyroids I've seen" according to her), severely anemic (ferritin 55 below what the average distance runner should be), and cortisol levels extremely high (hello STRESS!)  At least I know I'm not crazy, making up symptoms, and actually had a REASON behind my fatigue and exhaustion. More to come on this soon. 

Week of September 16:
Mon: AM Massage with Bresson, 4mi easy
     PM 6mi around 8minpace
Tues: AM 4mi.  Tried a workout.  Couldn't get faster than 8min pace
     PM Hot Yoga 60min
Wed: PM 4mi, 60min hot yoga
Thur: AM 3mi.  Again, attempted a workout.  Nope.
     PM 5mi around golf course, Hot Yoga 60min
Fri: PM 60min hot yoga, 5mi at sunset.  First run that's felt average all week.  8min pace.
Sat: 60min hot yoga, 4mi in evening.
Sun: 4miles.  Light lifting.  
Totals: 39 miles.  Five hours of yoga.  Sleeping a TON.  8.5 + hours each night.  Running is HARD.  Breathing is HARD.  Legs don't move.  Twin Cities two weeks out.  Yikes.

Week of September 9:
Mon: AM massage with Bresson, 4mi easy
     PM 6mi easy with Leen and Jesse
Tues: 15min easy w/u, 6x100strides, 5x1mile repeat supposed to be alternating 5K and half marathon goal paces with 3min jog in between (6:07, 6:14, 5:557, 6:08, 6:29), 6x100strides, 15min c/d.  9mi total.  Should have been running 5:45ish for the 5K, 6:05ish for the half.
Wed: Slept in, late meeting, 4miles late
Thur: AM 15min w/u, 5xmin fast, 15min c/d
     PM 4mi easy 
Fri: Slept in, 20min in afternoon, one hour easy yoga stretch
Sat: 12min easy, 4x100strides in AM
Sun: Buffalo Thunder Half Marathon in Santa Fe.  1:25:20.  13th female, behind twelve Ethiopians, Kenyans, and Japanese studs.  But still, not the performance I was hoping for.  Every mile was 15-20 seconds slower than it felt.  Downhill course, really wanted to fly. 2mi w/u, 2mi c/d. 
Totals: 52.5.  Slept a ton this week, but feel like the speed and strength is missing.  WHERE DID IT GO???

Week of September 2:
Mon: 8mi in Boston easy AM
Tues: Flight back to Abq in am, work all day, 5mi easy (wanted to do the 20xmin, but so tired)
Wed: AM 10.5mi easy, fasting labs drawn after
     4.5mi lunch, 
     PM 9mi with 10xmin fast-ish (I don't think I even hit 6min pace)
Thur: AM one hour easy (8mi), attempted 5xmile (6:42,6:35,7:00), quit that, progressed 56min from 8:30 to 7:30 (7mi).  18mi total
     PM 7mi easy around Uptown
Fri: 4mi easy AM, PM 7mi easy
Sat: Attempted workout.  15min w/u, strides, tried the first 4mi MP segment...6:40 first mile, slowed from there, completed 26min prob around 7min pace, one mile easy, one mile at 6:00 for an attempt at redemption, one mile c/d.  9ish miles
Sun: 10mi 76min on Alameda bike path.
Totals: Crap week.  91miles and zero good workouts. 

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