January 2013

Week of 1/28/13:
Mon: Early AM massage with Bresson.  These legs are starting to feel like mine again.  Not like pieces of plastic attached to my torso...
     PM 10 easy on the mill
Tues: AM run club with Lululemon 5miles with the group followed by 8mi solo up and down the arroyo
     PM 5 mi easy on the mill.  Cold and windy!
Wed: AM 6mi on the mill with Leen
Thur: 13 mi total workout at Kit Carson with the crew...2mi w/u, 6x100strides, 8x5min at alternating half marathon and 10K pace (6:21,12,20,01,20,03,19,14) with 2:30 recovery, 6x100strides, 2mi c/d
Fri: AM 2mi on mill
     PM 10mi around Academy
Sat: Trails.  Lots o trails.
Sun:  22 total with a 10K in the middle (paced a friend through a local race, 40:30ish).  Then an afternoon 3miler before the game.
Totals: 105total.  First triple of the cycle.  Thankful for lots of good company!

Week of 1/21/13:
Mon: 55min easy on the mill in the eve.  7mi.  "Regular" sore from the half marathon yesterday.
     Slept in till EIGHT today!  Whoa.
Tues: AM 4mi easy with Lulu.
     AM Sports massage with Bresson.  Pain.  Is.  Gain.  Feel amazing.
     PM 6mi easy on the mill
Wed: AM 4 mi easy up/down the Arroyo
     PM 8mi progression run with Arlene and Lauren (8:00,7:45,7:45,7:40,7:20,6:53,6:43,6:10) with mile cooldown.  Shaking out the sore!
Thur: PM loops around Academy with LeenBug. 78min. Nice end to the day.
Fri: AM 6mi mill  
     PM 6.5mi easy
Sat: AM 9 easy on the Bosque with some of the Dukes
Sun: 20miles with the Dukes on Route 66.  Big downhill to start the out and back, finishing uphill obvi.  Good Boston mimicry.  10 out in 73min, 5 in 37min, 5 in 37min.  Was supposed to be 10 easy, 5 steady, then 5 at 6:45, but got too excited and ran with the crew (all boys) too quickly on the way out to progress.  Solid day.
Totals: 84.5miles recovery from Phoenix half.  The excitement keeps building!

Week of 1/13/13:
Mon: 50min total with Sarah in Florida (6x100strides)
Tues: 20min w/u, 6x100strides, 3xmile (5:57,5:55,5:57) with 3min jog recovery in between.  20min c/d.
Wed: 30min easy (4mi)
Thur: 20min easy, 6x100strides, 5x1min fast with 1min full recovery, 10min c/d
Fri: OFF
Sat: 10min easy with 4x100 strides.  Workin out the kinks.
Sun: Rock and Roll Phoenix 1/2 Marathon.  1:22:27.  Somewhere in the top 15.  I'll take it. 6mi total WU/CD makes 19 for the day.
Totals: 50ish for the week.  Never tapered for a half before.  Felt kinda nice to go in refreshed.  Though it was refreshed, it wasn't my fastest.  No excuses allowed today, perfect weather, great people, great competition, mentally strong and confident, nutrition was great...I felt like I belonged.  Nagging TIGHT hamstrings, but that's just one more thing that will have to improve in the next 12 weeks.  Now it's go time!  Boston Bound.

Week of 1/7/13:
Mon: AM Sports massage with Bresson, followed by 4 miles on mill
     PM 6miles on mill + 8x30second strides at 5:30pace
Tues: Lulu AM!  40min easy with the group, then workout with Arlene.  10xminute fast uphill, and 10xminute fast downhill (full recovery at top and bottom of hill), 20min C/D.  Strides.  10+miles total.
Wed: AM 4
     PM 8
Thur: AM 8mi workout total (10xmin at 5K alternating with 10xminute at half MP) on mill
Fri: AM 5mi
     PM Travel to DISNEY WORLD! 4mi
Sat: 12mi total for workout (3mi,2mi,1mi at 6:25pace)  Slow for what I wanted, hot, humid, alone.
Sun: 13mi total with Father at Disney Marathon (3solo then 10 with him at 12min pace, alternate walk/run)
Totals: 74mi total, strange week with Disney marathon and cold weather, etc.  WONDERFUL time in the Disney Marathon pacing Stew, couldn't have been a more perfect day with the fam.  Excited for Phoenix next weekend.  Giant road trip with a bunch of ABQ friends.

Week of 12/31/12:
Mon: AM Sports massage with Laura (psoas!  yuck!  I have bruises).  4 mi mill post massage
     PM 3mi.
Tues: Happy New Year!  20.13 miles total to bring in 2013.  5 AM mill, afternoon 15.13 on dirt at Alameda with Steph.
Wed: AM 2 miler in the cold
     PM 13 total (5,4,3,2,1 workout with half recovery and strides on either end)
Thur:  AM 5miler in the cold with 8x30sec pickups  PM 5miler mill
Fri: OFF
Sat: 6 miles through White Sands National Monument
Sun: 12.5 total for the day (w/u, strides, 7xmile with 2min recovery at 6:27-6:32 pace on Tramway, strides, c/d).  COLD!
Totals: 70.63miles for the week.  Light week with a nice recovery day, got to run in one of the most incredible national parks, spent time with great people.  Ready for the new year and the next week!

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