March 2013

Week of 3/25/13:
Mon: AM 7mi around Cherry Creek
     PM 4mi around Denver Airport...headed back to ABQ
Tues: AM 5mi around Uptown
     PM 7mi around Uptown at 9PM....ugh
Wed: PM 16mi workout (w/u, 6x100 strides, 10x5min at 6:30-6:40 pace, 5min easy, 10x1min fast/min easy, 6x100 strides, c/d)  Tried to go faster on the intervals, but LONG day at work and solo workout due to getting out late.  A bit sad, but the workout is OVER now.  Done.
Thur: AM 4mi easy
     PM 12miles late night
Fri: AM 3mi easy
     PM18.5total.  w/u, 2x7mile workout, cd.  Didn't go as planned.  First 7mile interval in 49min, second became a slow march the nine miles back to my car.  Totally underfueled for the day, new rule at work is LIZ HAS TO EAT, especially before 4PM for a 5PM workout!  Rookie mistake.  Again.
Sat: AM 12mi easy with Steph, Leen, David around Tramway
     PM 5mi easy with 10x30sec turnover
Sun: AM 3:10 24.5mi progression starting 8:30ish down to last mile 6:30.  Steph kept me company for the first nine miles.  Not super fast but happy to finish a run strong and feeling good!
Totals: 118miles total.  Whoa.  Possibly my busiest week of work ever, plus my highest mileage week ever.  Frustrations high, but because of all the supportive people in my life I was able to get through it.  Lot's of late night solo runs, love that I can catch up on phone calls while running!  Some tough days nutrition/sleep/fatigue-wise, and workouts didn't go totally as planned, but it's a new week and time to wind down a bit!

Week of 3/18/13:
Mon: AM Massage with Bresson (many screams and forming bruises...SUCCESS!)  3.5mi easy
     PM 9mi easy around Golf Course and Johnson with LeenBug
Tues: AM 6 miles...and my car got stolen.  From my parking lot.  Awesome.
     PM 13mi workout total.  W/U, 6x100strides, 10x2min uphill fast with downhill recovery, 5min recovery jog, 5x1min fast on Academy track, 6x100 strides, C/D.
Wed: PM 20mi total.  6x90sec uphill strides at mile 16.  Totally depleted, underfueled.  Rookie mistake.  I know better than that.
Thur: AM 4 slow and easy
     PM 8mi easy around Golf Course...then GO LOBOS!
Fri: AM 7mi, then afternoon flight to Denver
Sat: AM BLIZZARD! Treadmill in Boulder, Only 9mi workout total due to time delays...w/u, strides, 2x800 at 2:45 (then had to switch mills to one that didn't go faster than 6 flat), 2x800 at 3min, 3xmile at 6:22, 2mi consecutive at 6:00, strides, c/d.  Had to modify this workout a lot, so made the last 2mi consecutive and fast to try and make up for it.
Sun: PM 10mi easy with downhill strides
Totals: 95.5 for the week.  Not perfect but still worked hard at everything and crammed miles in wherever and whenever possible.  ie. lots of gas station showers and running in strange places.  Three weeks to go!

Week of 3/11/13:
Mon: Late flight back from Phoenix, late bedtime...AM Massage with Bresson then back to bed!
     PM 8miles around Academy
Tues: AM 10mi easy (half with Lulu, half solo, some light yoga in between)
     PM 4.5mi easy after work
Wed: AM Workout at Milne with Arlene...10.25 total miles, w/u, 6x100 strides, 5,4,3,2,1 minute repeats down the ladder with "half" recovery (2.5min,2,1.5,1,30sec) recovery starting at 6:30 pace and down to 6flat pace, 5min jog, 1,2,3,4,5 up the ladder holding steady at 6:00-6:05 pace (except for the 4min interval, 6:18 pace...oops), 6x100strides, c/d.  Still sore from MtoF this past Sunday.
     PM 5mi around Academy easy
Thur: AM 2.5mi easy
     PM 13mi total over 95min.  90min progression run, first 50min progressed down to 7:00pace around the golf course, then 20xminute with minute easy recovery, five min c/d
Fri: AM 10mi 77min with Molly early around UNM.
     PM 3mi easy....66.25
Sat: AM 22 total.  Started with the OxyGen Moron group (Arlene, Jaynee, and co), finished with Arlene.  Tried to do workout (10mi easy, 5xmile at half MP, 4miles sub7min, 2mi easy), was only able to sustain 5xmile at 7min pace.  Felt tired, tight, stiff.
Sun: AM 6miles with Lulu, followed by one hour easy stretchy yoga, FEEL A TON BETTER after good stretching.
     PM 5mi easy in the afternoon with 10x30second fast pickups towards the end.
Totals: 100miles.  Hard week due mainly to fatigue I think.  The workouts weren't anything tough compared to what I've been doing, but I didn't feel fully recovered from Mountain to Fountain until a full week later.  Was still able to get the miles in, and didn't skip any workouts, they just weren't spot on.  Feeling a gazillion times better at the end of the week, ready to hit the next two weeks heavy then TAPER TIME!  One month to go....

Week of 3/4/13:
Mon: AM massage with Bresson followed by 3 easy miles.
     PM 6miles late night around Uptown area
Tues: AM 75min starting with Lulu finishing solo (10miles)
Wed: AM 2mi
     PM 8.5 total (w/u, 6x100 strides, 10 x minute downhill at 10K effort at Academy with easy uphill recovery, 6x100 strides, c/d)
Thur: AM 5mi easy
     PM 5mi with 10x30s fast strides
Fri: 3mi easy
Sat: 3mi with strides
Sun: Mountain to Fountain 15k!  2+mile w/u, 15K at 55:49 (6minute pace), 7.5mile (one hour) c/d.
Totals: 64miles total.  Happy with MtoF.  First 5K 18:10, second 18:34, third 19:05ish...but not because of bonking...big mile long hill at mile 7 slowed the final 5K down.  Felt really solid and strong throughout, closed 300m gap on 10th place over the last mile but was outkicked at the finish...Finished 11th female, and stayed in 11th from the start to the finish.  Was able to run with a very strong guy from mile 4-8, which gave me a companion and confidence.  My 10K PR is from 2006 on a track (37:11), came through the 10K at this race in 36:44, almost a 30 second improvement.  Very happy to be back where I was then, hoping for more improvement!  FUN DAY OVERALL with fabulous people and weather!

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