July 2012

Week of 7/23/12
Mon: 8mi AM/PM split
Tues: AM workout.  2mi w/u, 6x100m strides, 5xmile at 6:20 pace (felt crappy, shot for 6flat to no avail), 6x100m strides, 2mi c/d (10+mi total)
Wed: 10 on mill in PM
Thur: 9mi split AM/PM
Fri: 11mi (with 10x30sec strides) in the am before FLYING TO MAINE
Sat: 14 total (2mi w/u, 12mi steady, easy, sea-level at 7flat pace).  Good effort, 100min.
Sun: 20 total...with a 5k in the middle (sorry Brett!) 17:57, 1st female, 12th overall.  Road PR.  2:26 total time.
Totals: 82mi with good efforts.  Track workout Tues was frustrating and long, but happy about the Sat/Sun efforts!

Week of 7/16/12
Mon: 45min (6mi) early am
Tues: 38min (5mi) early am
Wed: AM 4mi  PM Turnover workout, 10mi with 10x30second pick-ups
Thur: 10min w/u, 6x100m strides, 30min at marathon+15s pace (6:35), 5min jog, 10min at half-marathon+10s (6:10), 6x100strides, 10min C/D (8.5mi)
Fri: AM 5mi, PM 5mi mill...delayed flight back to ABQ...uggh
Sat: AM 75min (9mi) with Stephanie at Alameda (tagging along for the end of her long run)
   PM 15min W/U, 6x100m strides, 10x1min steep hill repeats with 2min recovery, 6x100m, 8min C/D (7total)
Sun: 20mile long run at Alameda (first six 7:20, next nine 7:40, last five...a mixture of 8:30-45 and walking.)  Terrible long run.  Dehydration and little sleep.  Lesson learned.
  PM Pilates in the hot room...could have been harder than the long run!
Totals: 79.5mi.  Not terrible for a week of travel, but looking forward to some consistency.  And yoga.  

Week of 7/9/12
Mon: AM 70min (9mi) (4.5 up, 4.5 down in Uptown area)
   PM thunder and lightning makes you run faster...first 8.5mi in 63min, next 2.5 on mill in 20min (11mi total)
Tues: AM 2:15 (17mi) from one end of ABQ to the other.
   PM: 2mi on mill
Wed: AM 5mi in Uptown 38min
   PM: 12mi 96min on mill.  With the Hunger Games.  Couldn't pull myself away!
Thur: Day trip to Denver for work ALL DAY.  5mi am before flight
Fri: AM: 10mi (6 with Trevor through Uptown, 4mill)
   PM: 5.5mi (with 10x30s repeats)
Sat: AM 7.5 around Academy with Mark
   PM: 4.5mi
Sun: Women's Distance Festival 5k 18:05, 1st place.  3.5mi w/u,c/d total.
   PM: 5mi, travel to CA for work for a week
TOTALS: 100miles.  Love triple digits.

Week of 7/2/12
Mon: 76min treadmill run (10mi)
Tues: AM: 3.5solo, 5 with Trevor around Bullhead, 3.5solo
   PM: 62min treadmill (8mi)
Wed: 9mi 70min in foothills, flight to St. Louis
Thur: 8mi, 107degrees, 90% humidity.  UGH.
Fri: Lazy Liz, off day with the extended family at the lake!
Sat: 6mi AM at Grams with Sarah, 2mi PM.  Still over 100 and humid.
Sun: 6mi around Tower Grove Park with Sarah, flight back to ABQ, 6mi PM Uptown area
Totals: 67mi, no workouts, one off day.  EASY week.  Great time with my family!

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