August 2013

Week of August 26th
Mon: AM Bresson massage and 2mi easy
     PM 9.5mi with Leen, J, Jesse around Golf course
Tues: AM 17mi workout.  Felt solid happy strong throughout.  Great birthday!  20min w/u, 6x100strides, 12xmile with one minute recovery (6:25,24,18,19,23,23,24,18,21,20,19,5:53 to finish it off), 5min jog, 6x100strides, 20min c/d.
Wed: AM 4mi easy
     PM 10 mi easy with Lauren around Kit Carson
Thur: AM 9mi total for progression run.  Only progressed for 40 min down to 6:55, then had to call it.  Felt like I couldn't breathe.  Bummed.
     Lunch: 5mi 7:25pace
     PM 5mi easy with Steph around Bullhead.  Red eye flight to Boston...
Fri: 10.5 easy after delayed red eye to Boston.  A bit heavy.
Sat: AM 28 miles, 3:40:25.  7:52 pace, stayed even the entire time, never felt uncomfortable or had low blood sugar.  Just got it done.  Super Humid, but overcast so not terribly hot.
     Pre run: Vega Pre workout 70 cal, banana, half a LaraBar, 2 tbsp almond butter
     During: 200cal 24 oz Gatorade, 200 cal of Vega Gel (2 total), half a Thunderbird bar (75 cal), 24 oz H2O.
     Post: 25 gm protein from packet of Vega protein powder in 1.5 cup 1% milk
Sun: 10.5 easy with 10x30 second fast repeats.
Totals: 110 miles total with one good workout and one crap workout.  Felt comfortable during the long which was done mainly solo on boring roads.  Hopefully a marathon will feel shorter!

Week of August 19th
Mon: AM 3mi after massage with Bresson
     PM 8 easy around Uptown
Tues: AM 12.5mi workout total.  40min progression down to 6:20 (not super fast leading up to it, 7:30 and dropping), 6x100strides, 10x1min fast uphill at Academy with downhill recovery (24min total), 5min jog, 2mi on the track (6:13,6:07), 6x100strides, 10min c/d.
     PM 6mi easy
Wed: AM 4mi easy
     PM 10.5mi around Uptown
Thur: 4.5mi easy
     PM 14mi workout.  20min w/u, 6x100strides, 4xmile at projected MP (6:13,6:20,6:25,6:30), 5min jog, 2xmile at projected half MP (6:15,6:15), 5min jog, 1mile fast 6:03, 6x100strides, 20min c/d.  Had really wanted to hit projected MP at 6:15, half MP at 6:00, fast mile at sub 6, but I'll take that after a long and exhausting work week.
Fri: AM 5mi easy
     PM 9mi around Uptown
Sat: AM 8mi and a good, hard fall on the pavement.  Bruised, cut up, frustrated, defeated.  No major injury though!
Sat: PM 23mi total.  From Uptown, ran uphill to uphill along Tramway, then turned around and came back.  One hour easy (8mi), one hour steady (8.8mi, avg 6:49), five mile progression (6:40,6:29,6:26,6:17,5:59, avg 6:22 for total time 31:51), one mile slow C/D.  Needed a run like that.  Solid, solo, and in the rain.
Totals: 107mi.  Long week at work, even Sat and Sun all day.  Used to seven days of doubles, but not seven days of work.  Happy the long run went well, not psyched about the workout paces but I'll live.  Grateful to be running moderately healthy with only slight pain in the hammy.  Only a few short months to go!

Week of August 12th
Mon: AM 5mi on San Juan Island
     PM 11mi with Sarah, ice bath
Tues: AM 9mi with Sarah
     PM 3mi easy
Wed: AM 10mi easy
     PM 2mi easy
Thur: AM 4mi to ferry in Friday Harbor
     PM 9mi with 10x100m strides around Green Lake in Seattle
Fri: AM 12mile workout.  W/U, 6x100strides, 4x(3min fast, 2min recover, 2min fastER, 1min recover, 1min fastEST), 6x100strides, C/D.  Felt good to move again!  Everything all week had been easy and recovery like (besides every run being very hilly), just nursing the hamstring, but things are feeling much better.  No spasms.
     PM 3mi easy
Sat: AM 6 around Green Lake.  Flight to ABQ.  Vacation over :(
     PM 4mi in ABQ
Sun: AM 3hr long run at Alameda with Leen.  22miles total.  We were banking on some Gatorade at 4mi to go, but it wasn't there this week.  Our fault, we should have been more prepared, but both of us were very ready to be done at that point!  Other than that no complaints.  Icebathed and Pilates after.
Totals: 100miles for the week, one workout, one long.  Really enjoyed running a bunch of rolling hills, instead of ABQ all uphill/all downhill running.

Week of August 5th
Mon: AM Bresson massage early, 4mi easy
     PM 7mi around Bullhead in the evening.  Feeling tired.
Tues: AM 6mi easy
     PM 4mi with 8x100strides, half mile c/d
Wed: 20min w/u, strides, 10xmin fast with 1min recovery, 5min jog, 2mi goal half MP (6:05, 6:05), 5min c/d.  Wanted longer c/d and strides at finish but had to get to AIRPORT!  Flight to Seattle.
Thur: 50min easy with Leen and Sammy around Green Lake.  6+.
Fri: 20min w/u, 5x1min fast with 1min recovery, 10min c/d.  5mi total.
Sat: Seawheeze.  2mi w/u, strides, 13.1 in 1:22:45.  Slow time, but shows the course difficulty and lost one minute having to stop twice because my hamstring seized in the last 3K.  In the end, happy with the effort.  2nd female of 8400.  Was supposed to get in an hour c/d, but could not really move the leg comfortably.  Decided rest was best.
Sun: The Grind.  1.8mi total, 2800 feet elevation gain, 2830 stairs.  Gondola ride down.
Totals: ~58miles for the week.

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