April 2012

Week of 4/29/12
Sun: 2 hr run, 16 mi on lake shore. I've missed rain!!!
Mon: Early AM flight + work = no motivation.  40min (5mi) run in evening, 60min hot yoga at Evolv with Matt and Jackie.
Tues: AM 3mi shake-out
   PM: was shooting for 6mi, ended up at 11 by the finish.  84min.  Around Academy and NE Heights.  Sunset.  
Wed: 4mi AM. PM: 15min W/U, 7x3min at alternating conservative 5K (6:00min pace), and half pace (6:18 pace), 20min C/D
Thur: AM 7.5mi, no time in evening.
Fri: 6.5 around University in AM.  Drive to Santa Fe.
Sat: 6miles in SF, 46min.  Amazing how you feel 1000ft difference. 
Sun: AM RUN FOR THE ZOO.  SO FUN.  10k, 30min W/U, 10K in 39:18 (6:19) (1st female), 20min C/D.  PM: 5mi 38min
Totals: 83 in 8 days 

Week of 4/22/12
Sun: 100min (10mi) on the trails with Stephanie.  Beautiful day!  Nice recovery run.  Was supposed to take this day off, oops.
Mon: AM 63min (8.75mi) with Kelly around University
   PM Hot yoga 60min at Evolv w/ Jackie and Matt
Tues: 49min (6.5mi), Tom Petty concert!
Wed: AM 60min hot yoga Evolv
   PM: La Cueva track workout: 25min W/U, 6x100m strides, 10x1min (42-43second at 200m) with 1min rest, 5min jog, 15min progression run (3:26,3:20,3:18,3:16,1:40), 15min C/D.  SLOW day, but finished it at least. (11mi total)
Thur: AM 60min hot yoga at Blissful
   Lunch: 53min (7mi)
Fri: flew to Chicago, 10mi on lake shore 80min
Sat: cold and very windy! 20mph tailwind not bad. 10minw/u, 40 min progression run (6:46,6:32,6:25,6:22,6:13), 6x100m strides, 15min c/d. Had to shorten w/u,c/d because short on time.
Totals: 62.5mi, 4 hrs hot yoga

Week of 4/15/12
Sun: Dukes run Alameda 10mile progression run 72min.  Hot Vinyasa 60min
Mon: Busy day.  20min W/U, 10x30sec strides at Johnson Field, 15min C/D (6mi).  Happy Pat's Day!
Tues: 3mi/24min AM, 4mi/29:30 lunch, PM hot yoga at Evolv (tough class, prettyyy close to losing lunch).  Need to HYDRATE!
Wed: 6am hot vinyasa at Evolv,
     PM workout at La Cueva track: 20mi W/U, 6x100m strides, 8x2min repeats with 1min recovery (400splits 1:33,30,33,31,32,33,31,31), 5min jog (full recovery), 2mi continuous (6:37,6:30), 6x100m strides, 25min C/D (a bit longer than planned).  First solid, strong, confident effort since NOLA.  After last weeks failed workout, very happy to feel like a runner again.
Thur: Morning foothills run with Arlene and Kelly ~45min, 5ish miles.  Cloudy, brisk, great day for the trails.  Beautiful yoga at Lulu with Marisol in the evening.
Fri: NO RUNNING!! 6am hot yoga at Evolv
Sat: Albuquerque Half Marathon.  17min W/U, 13.1 in 1:26:50 (6:38 pace), 15min C/D.  17 total.
Totals: 57ish miles, 5hours yoga

Week of 4/8/12
Sun:  142min (13miles) Bosque trails (6.5out with Dukes ladies, solo home).  Beautiful day, great trail, felt great, no soreness from yesterday's workout.  Guess I have to work harder :)  PM Yoga at Cloud9.
Mon: 60min hot yoga at Evolv with Jackie AM, 47min (6.5mi) around University in PM (felt strong), 60min hot yoga at Blissful Spirits with Sam.  GREAT athletic day, average work day.  Ready for sleep!
Tues: Turnover day.  Lunchtime run: 20min WU, 10x30sec stride on Johnson field, 15min CD (got a wee bit lost).  Strides felt good, pretty warm at noon and dehydrated, so a little tough in general, even though it shouldn't have been.  Home late from work.
Wed: UNM track in the AM: 15min W/U, 6x100m, 3min2min1min repeats x3, 6x100, 15min C/D
     Was supposed to do 4 sets, but didn't have it today.  PM yoga at Evolv with Jackie
Thur: AM yoga at Blissful, PM 60min (8mi) with Trevor to Bullhead Park
Fri: AM yoga at Evolv, late night 80min (10mi+) up to Tramway and back down.
Sat: 100min (12+) with Stephanie on Tramway.  WINDY! Afternoon yoga.
Totals: 63+ miles, 7hrs of hot yoga.

Week of 4/1/12
Sun: APRIL FOOLS!  8mi with Dukes at Alameda Open Space, 60min.   Barre class at Evolv 60min.
Mon: Home-->ABQ airport, 12miles, no time.  COLD morning!
Tues: 50min AM, 6.5miles...snow and sleet what??
Wed: 30min, 6x100m strides in park, 30min, 8+ total
Thur: 46min AM, 6mi...Yoga in the PM cancelled due to the flat tire on the CRV
Fri: 6am Hot Vinyasa, PM 20min, 6x30sec strides, 10min (5mi total)
Sat: 75 min progression run (10mi).  5mi uphill (around 8flat, mile 5 slowed to 8:25 because the hill got steeper), 5mi downhill 7:26,7:09,6:49,6:45,6:13.  Good effort, that uphill with that last mile worked me well!  Naptime.  Yoga this PM 60min.
Totals: 55.5mi.  Only 3hrs yoga/barre this week.

Notes: BUSY week with work and on-call schedule.  Spent a lot of time in the hospital/OR/clinic which limited the extra yoga AND sleep this week.  On call again next week (last week every woohooo!)  Felt good about the running this week, nice to break out and do some strides and faster stuff which I haven't done for awhile.  I like focusing on speed for a bit, get the legs working again before bringing the miles back up.  Keep forgetting to make time to foam roll.  And drink water.  Two goals for next week I guess!

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