Friday, November 29, 2013

Turkey Day

Yesterday I gave thanks for family, friends, food, happiness, and health.  Though I wasn't with my family for the holiday, I was adopted by two separate ones for the day.  Can't complain about two wonderful meals with friends.  Too many blessings to count.

One highlight of the day was our morning Turkey Trek 5K.  Holidays, costumes, and any reason to dress up and run are near and dear to me.  Clearly, this was how I was raised, since both my sister and I represented the 505 (NM) and the 303 (CO) in matching turkey costumes in races 400 miles apart...without knowing the other was matching.  

This is important Albuquerque breaking news, in which questions asked in the Channel 7 interview included what it was like to run in a turkey costume (hot) and what it felt like to assist in a great cause supporting the Storehouse of Greater Albuquerque (fabulous, especially since the Dukes Track Club had made a separate donation, and a lot of us were "racing").  In case anyone was wondering, I am having an identity crisis...runner/turkey.

This is also important news in Vail, Colorado, where my sister Sarah and her boyfriend Quinn made the front page of the paper.  Team Turkey!

Some great performances, and a lovely way to start the holiday with friends.  From L-R, Josh (and baby Elliot), Tony, Turkey, Jesse, James, Phil, and Jonathan.  Dukes Track Club representation was strong!

Happy Thanksgiving!!! 

Monday, November 18, 2013

Can't touch your toes either??

Researchers have found a correlation between lack of flexibility and performance, all due to a gene that some possess.  The idea is that tight muscles, which are more prevalent in individuals with this gene (COL5A1), have an effect on speed and performance because of the physics of energy return.  Tight muscles equal improved performance through improved running economy...

Not sure we can call this high quality scientific evidence (small sample size, one population, no repetition of the study, etc)...but I'll say I dislike my tight legs a little less today!

Check it out here...

Oh hi big Kinvaras.  I love you.