April 2013

Week of 4/29/13
Totals: 25mi, 6 days hot yoga

Week of 4/21/13
Totals: 20mi, 6days of hot yoga

Week of 4/15/13
Totals: Marathon Monday: 26.2 baby.  2:52:53.  61st female.  Finished "better than my bib number" #1136.  Not quite in the top 1000 finishers yet, but next year!
     Rest of the week: 20mi
     Totals: 46mi
Totals: 20mi, 6 days of hot yoga

Week of 4/8/13
M: 50 min easy
T: 35 min easy plus 4 X 100 easy strides 
W: 15 min easy, 5 X 1 min fast/1 min easy, 5 min jog, 3 miles goal marathon pace, 10 min slow jog cool down
T: 20 min jog
S: 15 min easy, 6 X 100 strides, 5 min easy
S: 10 min easy, 2 X 100 marathon pace strides

Totals: 24miles with one MP workout and strides.

Week of 4/1/13
Mon: AM Massage with Bresson early, huge Americano, then 2.5mi easy
     PM 40min 5mi
Tues: AM 6mi with Lulu
     PM 2mi
Wed: AM 4mi easy
     PM Workout at Academy with Rich ~12mi (15min w/u, strides, 5xmin fast/min easy, 5min jog, 2x3mi at 6:21pace with 5min jog in between set, strides, 15min c/d)
Thur: AM 5mi
     PM 4mi
Fri: RESTRESTREST this is hard to do!  6hour drive to Buena Vista, CO with LeenBug for Sam's hot springs birthday extravaganza!
Sat: AM At 8K elevation....15min w/u, 30 minute steady (7:25pace), 20min progression (mile splits 6:43, 6:37, 6:00), 10min c/d.  Began this workout at the bottom of a 4.5mile hill, then turned around and finished strong.  Happy with the final mile!  Ten miles total.  Beautiful bluebird day in the mountains, spent the whole afternoon soaking in the mineral hotsprings.
Sun: 30min easy, 10x100m strides (five gradual uphill, five gradual downhill), 20min easy.  ~7mi
Totals: 57.5mi total.  Felt solid during the workouts, strong.  Great workout Wed and nice to have company (very FIT company at that, and to see us both working hard felt rewarding), mainly solo on Saturday, happy to take in the surroundings and thin mountain air!  Slept close to eight hours every night this week (except Sunday night, due to my massively peeling painful sunburn from last Sunday's three hour long), massage, stretch, eat...race prep week for sure.  One week to go....

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