June 2013

Week of June 24:
Mon: AM massage at Bresson's House of Pain at 6am, 30min nap afterwards
     PM 9.5mi to airport to pick up car
Tues: AM workout at Academy with great company.  w/u, 6x100m strides, 5x6min at 6:10,6:15,6:15,6:15,6:09 pace, 5min jog, 5xmin fast with full recovery, strides, c/d.  10mi total.  Happy.
Wed: AM slept in till 6:40, 3mi easy
     PM Strength training sess followed by HOT HOT HOT 6mi with Jesse, Sarah, Mike (visitors to ABQ) around the golf course
Thur: AM 10mi easy from Kit Carson on the bike path with the ladies.  Sore booty.  Slow.
     PM 4mi easy felt good in the dark
Fri: early travel to MN, 10mi on farm roads in New Prague, MN
Sat: AM drove south to Mankato, MN to meet up with Lindsey.  She was scheduled for one hour progression, so I started early for 90min progression.  First four miles in 30min, then 7:22 dropping down to 6:05 pace fornthenlast hour. Felt great and hard, and I think each of us was scared of slowing e other down, which kept us right on track.  8.8mi in the last hour, 13 total for 90min.
Sun: AM 9mi on farm roads, rolling
     PM fly back to ABQ, 3mi with 10x30s turnover 
Totals: 84 miles, good recovery week with good workouts.  Racing next Thur in Maine for 4 on the 4th.  Should be fun!

Week of June 17:

Mon: AM early travel back from San Diego and sports massage with Bresson
     PM 12.5mi easy from home around Academy and back
Tues: AM 10mi Workout with the Dukes Track Club at Academy track...w/u, 6x100strides, 2x800m repeats (2:55,2:57) with 400m recovery, 2x600 (2:50, 2:57 pace) with 400m recovery, 2x400 (79s) with 400m recovery, 6x100 strides, c/d
     PM 8mi easy at sunset through Uptown solo
Wed: 12mi easy pace with Rich and Alex around Academy (hilly)....didn't sleep much last night, feeling it on that last hill.
     PM Weights for an hour with trainer, 2.5mi easy
Thur: 11.5mi hill workout with the DTC girls. 10xminute fast up steep hill, full recovery at top, full speed back down the hill with no braking, 5min jog, 15min at marathon "effort" (6:31, 6:25mi paces, 2:35 total), 1.5mi c/d.  Still so sleepy.
     PM 5.5 on the mill
Fri: AM 5mi easy with Rich at Academy 
     PM 4mi easy on the mill
Sat: AM 9mi Foothills (trails) and Tramway Rd (flat) combo.  10x30sec turnover on the flat.
     PM 3.5mi easy
Sun: AM 24mi in the early hours along the Alameda bike path.  Started before the crew with 4mi, finished after the crew with 3mi, good company in between!  3:04:57.  Last mile at six flat.  Said "come-on Liz," and picked it up.  7:42 pace avg.  Family support team waiting at the finish with H2O and smoothie :)
     PM 3mi easy at a community event
Totals: 110.5!  Good workouts, good nutrition, good visitors (my mom and two of my three favorite aunts for the weekend), good company, good miles...BAD SLEEP.  Need to work on sleeping more, got it all done, but struggled through some things.  In the spirit of sleep, I took a nap today.  For two hours.  Amazing!

Week of June 10:

Mon: AM 10mi easy with LeenBug, Jaynee, Alex, and gorgeous lab Beau around Academy
     PM 5mi easy on the mill, with lifting after
Tues: AM Track workout at Academy with the Dukes.  12ish miles total, w/u, 6x100strides, 3sets of(1min fast/1min easy/10min at half marathon effort/1min easy/1min fast, 5min jog in between), 6x100strides, c/d.  10min intervals not super fast but felt strong averaging 6:27,6:24,6:16 for each of the sets.  
     PM Easy 7mi around Academy with Dukes
Wed: AM 10mi with Dukes easy and hilly
     PM 5mi easy
Thur: AM 5 mi easy with Steph and Jaynee, Travel to San Diego!
     PM 12 mi easy around Mission Bay solo
Fri: AM 11mi total with TK around Ocean Beach with 10x30sec turnover. Felt good on those.
Sat: AM 17.5 total, 10 easy but hot and hilly miles through Temecula, two miles at 6:20 pace, mile easy, two miles at 6:20 pace, 2.5 mi at 7:00 pace. Ran out of time for the full 20. Workout felt solid though.
Sun: Mid afternoon 12mi total through northern San Diego, strides and 40 min progression run starting at 7:38 pace down to 6:18 pace (6mi total), 5min easy, 5xmin fast with min recovery, strides.
Totals: 105 miles total. No aches and pains yet, still trying to get a little more lifting in, and still working on nutrition.

Week of June 3:

Mon: 10mi around Forest Park with sister in STL.
Tues: AM workout at Academy with Dukes Track Club.  11mi total.  w/u, 6x100strides, 5/4/3/2/1min ladder with half recovery ranging at 6:15-5:50 pace depending on interval length, 5min jog, repeat 5/4/3/2/1 ladder, c/d.
     PM glute/hamstring/core strength session
Wed: Happy National Running Day!
     AM 10mi early Academy loops with Rich, Arlene, Jaynee
     PM 6mi afternoon Academy loops with Jonathan, Hunter, Jesse
Thur: AM workout with Steph, Jaynee, Alex.  9.5 mi total.  15min w/u, 6x100strides, 10x2min steep hill fast up, easy recovery down, 6x100strides, 8min c/d.  Great company made for a great workout.
     PM 5.5mi easy around Academy with Dukes
Fri: AM slept in a bit and rested an aggravated Achilles. 
     PM 10 windy miles around Bulkhead Park, first solo run all week.
Sat: AM epic adventure to the 1955 TWA airplane crash site in the Sandias.  3-4K elevation change and 11 rocky miles with Dukes Track Club.  A few wrong turns made for a 2.5 hr day.
Sun: long run on the flat since figured I got time on feet yesterday but not the mileage. First five miles with Alex, Jaynee, Arlene with 10x30second pickups, next 15 miles solo in the sun.  2:41 total, felt good so ran 20 instead of 18.  Oops.
Totals: 93 miles for the week. Feeling "happy" about running this week, and unsure if it's because of all the great company or because of changes in nutrition that my body isn't "angry" anymore...now if we could just see some results!

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  1. So inspiring to see your training log! You are a badass dedicated runner. Tell me about these nutrition changes... :P