October 2012

Week of 10/29/12
Mon: AM sports massage on shoulder/back, which was jammed up pretty bad from a fall last week.  Difficulty breathing is a problem during running...
     PM 9mi easy
Tues: AM 12mi workout (w/u with Lululemon, 6x100 strides, 3x2mi repeats on the track at 6:35-6:30pace, 6x100strides, c/d)  Tough day, should have been faster, but cold, windy and sluggish.  Effort completed though.
     PM 6mi easy Uptown area
Wed: AM 6mi easy on the mill
     PM 2hr run (16.5mi total) with 6x(3min/2min/1min with minute recoveries) sandwiched in.  Happy Halloween!
Thur: 10mi AM before flight
Fri: AM 10mi Lake Shore Drive PM 4mi with 10x30s strides
Sat: Last long workout!  23mi total on Lake Shore.  One hour 7:44 pace (7.75mi), one hour 6:50pace (8.75mi), thirty min progression (4.75mi, averages 6:18pace), 14min c/d.  Windy, cold...but spot on.  Bring it Philly.
Sun: Slow 44min (5.5mi), worked out some kinks, 10x30s strides
Totals: 102miles on the last big week before Philly.  Very happy with the sea level long workout, normally I can't put these things together running alone!  6 week average mileage: 99.25miles

Week of 10/22/12
Mon: 5mi AM, 5mi PM
Tues: 12mi AM with Lulu Run Club, Arlene, and solo around Uptown.
Wed: AM Sleep.  Couldn't get up.
     PM 15mi workout (20min w/u, 6x100strides, 10xmile at 6:32-6:36 with 1min recovery, 6x100strides, 20min c/d).  Windy day, shot for sub 6:30 but felt like a headwind the whole way!  All-in-all, not terrible.
Thur: AM 5mi
     Lunch 7mi
     PM Sports massage.  Oh. man.  Got worked, and can't wait to go back.  Like nothing I've experienced, worked specifically on the origins and insertions of the muscles.  And yes, he worked on Sonya Richards and 30 other pre-olympic athletes this year.  Awesome!
Fri: 6AM
     PM 12 mi workout (w/u, 6x100strides, 10xmin fast with min recovery, 6x100strides, c/d)
Sat: 12AM Bosque dirt ditch, gorgeous fall day.  PM 2mi shakeout
Sun: AM Day of the Tread Marathon Relay!  1st place overall relay team (and second overall "finisher") in 3:06.  Leg 5, 6miles, with two big climbs, the rest fairly flat.  40min (6:40s).  13mi total w/u, c/d sandwich.  19mi total for the day.
Totals: 100miles.  Three workouts.  Doing better on sleeping, but not on being clumsy.  Two injuries healed (the Yucca and the brief meeting face-first meeting with the concrete), two others currently mending (minor flesh wound annoyances).  Stay upright Liz!  21 days to go...

Week of 10/15/12
Mon: 13.5 split somehow AM/PM.  Can't remember!
Tues: AM long run...24miles!  Longest long to date this cycle, maybe ever.  Hilly through Uptown, solo, with Lululemon, solo again.  Felt strong, even with no fuel or water until mile 21 (oops)!
Wed: AM 4mi solo around Uptown
     PM 12 all over town easy
Thur: 11.5 split AM/PM
Fri: AM 9mi total workout (supposed to be 4x2mi repeats, could only muster 3x2mi and WAY slower than I'd planned...wanted 6:15pace, could only hold 6:40-6:50.  Tired Liz, disappointed).
     PM: Travel to Colorado, 3mi PM
Sat: EASY 6 with Stew around Lafayette, Colorado.  Love love love CO.
Sun: Boulder Half Marathon last minute entry...Was in Boulder, felt fine after Sat wedding, decided my workout Fri was terrible, and that this could be a good progression since it was gradual uphill on the way out and downhill on the way back, packed dirt roads, good competition, beautiful scenery.  17mi total with w/u,c/d, 9th overall female in USATF Colorado 13.1 championships.  1:30, course was long at 13.6, and I'll take ninth place against Colleen de Reuck, Melody Fairchild, and Brandy Erholtz any day!
Totals: 103 miles.  Lesson learned: early in the week long runs make for a tired rest of the week.  Maybe try to avoid this in the future!

Week of 10/8/12
Mon: AM 5 easy...still recovering from travel...even with compression socks, I have cankles.
     Lunch: 8mi around Uptown in the sunshine
Tues: AM 15mi total workout (4mi w/u with Lululemon Run Club, 6x100m strides, 3x3mi repeats (6:38,6:34,6:28) (6:37,6:34,6:32) (6:35,6:30,6:07), 6x100m strides, c/d)  PSYCHED to complete that with no music and no company besides the construction workers at Sandia High.
     Lunch: 3 easy 22min
Wed: AM 5 around Uptown
     PM 10mi (and 10x30sec strides) with Arlene, Jaynee, Jesse at Kit Carson Park
Thur: AM 3miles
     PM 10mi workout at Academy solo (6x100 strides, 20xminute fast with minute recovery, 6x100 strides)
Fri: AM 2.5mi...too much lightning
     PM 9mi with Trevor to Bullhead park 7:30s
Sat: 7.5 around Golf Course, windy but perfect fall day...7:35s
Sun: AM EARLY 8mi w/u, 4mi at 6:30pace at Sandia Track, 1.5mi easy, Race for the Cure 10k 39:40ish (uphill start 7:00, progressed down to 5:50 final mile), 3mi c/d easy...22.5 total.  1st place finish in the 10k, nice surprise after Trev (who took second!) and I showed up for the start close to two minutes late...oops!
TOTAL: 100.5mi.  Feel good week!

Week of 10/1/12
Mon: AM 8mi NE Heights loop
     PM 3mi
Tues: AM 9mi workout (strides, 10x90seconds uphill with one min recovery, five min jog, 5x1min fast, strides)
     PM 3mi
Wed: AM 2.5mi
     PM Workout at Kit Carson...13 mi total (8mi W/U with friends, 5x5min repeat with 3min recovery at 6:10-6:20 pace)
Thur: 10miles at 10pm.   Late night for Liz.  Saw a prostitute get arrested.  Going to try and stick to daylight hours whenever possible.
Fri: 10miles at 5am.  Early morning for Liz.  Afternoon flight to Spokane, WA for AandB's wedding festivities.
     PM 1.5mi pre-flight
Sat: AM Wonderful run along the Centennial Trail in Spokane, along the Spokane River.  Started out with a group of my closest lady friends, continued on to finish my workout on a perfect day for a long run...fifty degrees, no clouds, early fall.  21 total....First 10 easy, 5 steady 7:00-7:30, 5 progressing down 6:45,6:40,6:30,6:20,6:00, one mile cooldown.  Felt good.
Sun: 9mi EASY and SLOW Centennial Trail...travel back to ABQ.
Totals: 90 miles.  Recovery week, check.  Looking forward even more to Philly, good friends and support will be there!  Sad to miss the Chi marathon today, would have been my fifth consecutive Chi.  Can't wait to go back one day!  Looking forward to some more good weeks of training...

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