February 2013

Week of 2/25/2013:
Mon: AM massage with Bresson
     PM 10 on mill easy
Tues: AM 10 with Lulu
     PM 5 easy on mill
Wed: AM 4mi easy
     PM: 13 mile total workout (w/u, 6x100strides, 10xmin fast with min easy recovery, 5xmile at 6:15,21,25,21,22, 6x100 strides, c/d)
Thur: AM 4mile easy
     PM 10mi easy LATE night
Fri: AM 12 EARLY.  Tried for two full hours as planned but could. not. get. up. after. late. night. last. night.
Sat: AM 18mi total workout.  Academy track and I got along well today.  32min w/u, 6x100 strides, 6x2miles at marathon pace (12:44,49,47,50,42,19), 6x100strides, 8min c/d.  GREAT DAY.
Sun: AM 8mi easy with Lulu etc with 10x30second downhill strides with easy uphill recovery.
     PM 5mi easy post USATF meet.
Totals: 100miles.  Great week, very excited about Saturday's workout.  Prob the hardest and strongest workout I've ever done.  Felt like I could have done more two mile intervals.  Mountain to Fountain next week!

Week of 2/18/2013:
Mon: AM 4mi easy
     PM 11mi around town in the DARK
Tues: 10mi (5 with Lulu then followed by easy yoga)
     PM 5mi on mill easy
Wed: AM 4mi Uptown area
     PM 15min w/u, 6x100strides, 8x2K at alternating 10K/marathon pace (6:13,24,12,24,11,30,14,26) with 90sec recovery, 6x100strides, 15min c/d.  15 miles total, w/u done with Steph and Kel B, workout 2Ks solo.  Windy, cold, and felt AWESOME.  But that was mean Brett.
Thur: AM 8mi on mill easy with LeenBug, Abq got more snow last night than all winter!
     PM 4mi on mill easy with LeenBug
Fri: PM at Academy Track workout.  20min w/u, strides, 10xmin fast up steep hill with easy recovery down, 30min progression finishing at 6:15pace, 10min c/d.
Sat: 9mi easy trail with Steph in the am, 1.5mi easy pm
Sun: 24 total, 2:59:16.  That made me tired.  Supposed to be a total of 23 miles with one hour easy, one steady, one at marathon plus 15s.  Instead ended up a bit fast in the beginning, progressed down to 6:50ish, but bonked the last two miles and finished those at 8min pace.  Felt solid and happy to finish with an extra mile!
Totals: 105miles with two workouts and one long.  Family and friends in town, so happy to be able to fit everything in!

Week of 2/11/2013:
Mon: AM 4miles easy after sports massage with Bresson
     PM 6 miles easy on the mill
Tues: AM 5mi with Lulu, easy yoga, 7mi solo post yoga  PM 3mi
Wed: Lunch 4mi easy
     PM Workout 13miles total (strides, 20 by 1minute hard/1minute easy, 5min easy, 3xmile at 6:40 pace...cold/windy/dark/lonely).  Tough day.
Thur: Lunch 5mi
     PM 10miles around Johnson with Arlene/Lauren/Steph
Fri: AM 11mi with strides
Sat: AM 12miles total with Oxygen Morons
Sun: 20 total with Arlene (and good early company with Steph and Jen W.) with 3x1mile repeats with 90 seconds recovery from miles 8-11 and 17-19 (6:20-25 first set, 6:45 second set with headwind).
Totals: 100 total. Busy busy bee Liz missed a workout this week due to non-running obligations.  Going to have to hit this next week HARD to make up for it (aka...do the missed workout tomorrow.  uggh).

Week of 2/4/2013:
Mon: AM 4miles easy after sports massage with Bresson
     PM 6miles easy on the mill
Tues: AM Yoga with Lulu followed by 6mi
     PM 75min 10 mi
Wed: AM Workout 15min easy, 6x100 strides, 5/4/3/2/1 min intervals starting at 6:27 progressing down to 6:00 (all with half recover-2:30,2,1:30,1,30s), 10min at 6:50pace, 5/4/3/2/1 min intervals again, 6x100strides, 15min c/d.  12 miles total, dreading this at first but actually really enjoyed it.
     Lunch 5.5mi
Thur: Lunch 4.5mi
     PM 10mi easy.
Fri: AM 4mi with LeenBug on the mill
     PM: 10mi with 3x5min at 10K effort uphill Academy and easy back down.  Was supposed to drop 30min at half MP effort but windy/cold/exhausted/latefordinner at 7:30pm!
Sat: 3hours in the foothills on the trails.  Prob about 18.5mi.  Great and tough long day with Steph, Dave, Jaynee, and Arlene.
Sun: AM: 12min w/u, 10x100 strides with 100m jog in between, 12min c/d
     PM: Mill run after work...6mi on mill with middle three at 6:30
Totals: 100miles.  Hello triple digits.  Can't say this week was easy, really tired due to work and messed up sleep schedule.  Felt good running though!  Time for bed :)

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