May 2012

Week of 5/28/12
Mon: Brian Kraft Memorial Day 5K Lake Nokomis, Minneapolis, MN.  20min w/u, 5k 17:59:49 (5:47pace), 23min c/d. (8.5mi)
Tues: 5mi around Lake Calhoun in MN.  38min.  Late/long flight back to ABQ, little sleep tonight!
Wed: PM 8mi w/ Trevor around Academy, 2mi alone.  75min total.
Thur: AM Milne track with Arlene!  25min w/u, 20min at marathon +10s pace (6:37-38), 5min jog, 10min at half pace (6:17), 5min jog, 5min fast (6min pace), 8min c/d.  (11mi total).  Forgot the strides :)
   PM: 61min (8mi)
Fri: AM 8, 60min, PM 4mi, 30min
Sat: 53+mi bike ride from ABQ to the crest of Sandia Peak (5000feet climbing to 10400ft and back speeds to fast for me!).  First time on a bike in over a year and a half.  My butt hurts.
Sun: AM 14mi 104min moderate progression run...starting at 7:45ish ending at 7flat with the Duke boys.
Totals: 64.5mi running, 53mi cycling.

Week of 5/21/12
Mon: AM 2mi 15min, PM 4mi 32min around golf course, 60min hot yoga at Evolv.  Very, post-marathon sore.  Oops.  Feeling better after yoga.
Tues: 6mi 48min.  sore.
Wed: attempted a terrible workout. 15min w/u, 2x8min repeats at 5k pace, sandwiched with 6x100m strides and 15min c/d. 6:27 mile splits...really???
Thur: 83min (11mi)
Fri: 5mi (38min) AM, 3mi (24min) PM around the lakes
Sat: 20min w/u, 6x100m strides, 5min,4,3,2,1 (5:40-5:50mi pace) with half recovery, 6x100m strides, 15min c/d
Sun: 20min, 6x100 strides, 5min (3+mi)
Totals: 52.5mi.  low, but for sure necessary recovery.  Didn't realize my ass got kicked last weekend.  Prep for Memorial Day 5k!

Week of 5/14/12
Mon: AM 82min (11mi) with Trevor around golf course.
   PM Hot yoga 60min Evolv with Matt.
Tues: AM 3mi (no sleep) PM 8 (4up,4down with 4xstrides) 59min
Wed: AM 3mi
   PM Milne track...15min W/U, 6x100m strides, 10x3min repeats (mile splits would be 6:08,08,04,04,04,02,02,00,00,5:57), 5min C/D, 6x100m strides, 15min C/D (10+mi total)
Thur: 5mi AM at UNM golf course, PM 3.5 mi with Trevor
Fri:  6mi AM with Alex, drive to Los Alamos
Sat: Impromptu day-of admission into the sold-out Jemez Mountain trail half marathon.  13.7mi.  2:09.
Sun: 2mi W/U, 5mi Run for the Kenyans race (32:04, 6:24pace), 2.5mi C/D
Totals: 72mi, 60min yoga

Had planned for a progression run 75min Fri, but life got in the way and was going to have to complete the workout Saturday...happened to be in Los Alamos Friday night, and went over to the start of the 50mi race at 4:45...asked if they had a spot in the half, they said yes, napped for an hour, came back and ran one of the most challenging, but certainly one of the most breathtaking, "races" I've ever run.

Solid week.  My legs are sore now.

Week of 5/7/12
Mon: WINDY 30mph gusts...AM 40min with Kelly (5.5mi)  PM 20min in NE Heights, Evolv hot yoga with Matt and Jackie
Tues: AM 70min with Trevor, Bullhead Park, 9mi, WIND STORM.  PM 3mi at Golf Course, Evolv hot yoga
Wed: AM 5mi (turnover day, 10x30s pickups).  No time in afternoon.
Thur: AM 4mi (30min)
   PM La Cueva workout.  15min W/U, 6x100m strides, 10x1min (44s at 200m) with 1min recovery, 5min recovery jog, one mile at 5k (6flat), 6x100m strides, 15min C/D (9mi total).  Good effort alone in the strong wind.  Not terrible, nice to get the legs moving.
Fri: AM 60min hot vinyasa at Evolv.  PM hailstorm?? Treadmill with a great book (Chrissie Wellington's autobiography...thanks Minty!) 9mi 70min.
Sat: AM abs (this must and will become routine.) Early afternoon: Great workout with David (in camo) 20min W/U, 5min,4,3,2,1 (6min pace and faster) with 2min recovery, 5min jog, 2mi repeat (6:13,6:08), 15min C/D (9mi total)
Sun: AM with Dukes at Alameda 2hrs2min 16mi.  Crash and burn by the end.  That's what I get for rocking sevens for the first 12, last 4mi in 8min pace.  PM 4mi on the mill with my book. 30min.
Totals: 76 mi with two solid workouts.  2 hrs hot yoga.

Busy week with great patients and great residents, birthdays, graduations, track meets, sunshine, and hailstorms.  No soreness, no tweaks, nothing to hold back for I guess.  Looking forward to a sea level 5k in a few weeks!

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