July 2013

Week of July 29:
Mon: AM BRESSON IS HOME!  Sports massage bright and early, and couldn't be happier about it!  Followed by 4mi easy.
     PM 8mi on the mill 8min pace.  Foam roll city.
Tues: AM 7mi total.  Realized that some of my chafage issue was more due to doubling the dose of laundry detergent in the loads.  Chemical burn.  Had to quit the workout and could barely even go to work.  Red welts that were NOT like typical chafage.  #Runnerproblems :)
Wed: AM 7 easy
     Lunch 5 at sub 7:30
     PM 7 easy
Thur: AM 100min progression.  13mi total.  Terribly humid and we tried to bring it down in the second 50min, but really couldn't get lower than 7:30.  Crazy because the day before on easy runs, 7:00 was no prob.
     PM 7mi easy
Fri: AM 10mi easy with Rich and Phil around Academy
     PM 4mi easy "running" errands
Sat: 27mi easy.  Longest run eva!  3:31:59
Sun: La Luz SPECTATING.  Makes this all worth it.  Great day.  6.5on the mill mid-afternoon.
     PM 6.5 with LeenBug, 10x30sec fast turnover workout.
Totals: 112.  Terrible week of workouts but WONDERFUL long run.  Felt awesome through it all.  I knowwww I shouldn't have made up miles on Wed, but I don't think that is why Thursday's workout went bad.  Really, I think it was all weather based, 82% humidity.  Anyways, Seawheeze 13.1 next week.  Here we come Vancouver!

Week of July 22:
Mon AM 8mi with TK around Uptown
     PM 4mi easy in evening
Tues AM Workout at Academy with the crew....W/U, 6x100strides, 1/2/3/4/5min with half recovery (all at 5:55-6min pace going up the ladder), 5min jog, 5/4/3/2/1min with half recovery progressively faster (5min at 5:56pace, 4min at 5:50pace, 3min at 5:30pace, 2min at 5:20pace, 1min at 5:15pace), 5min job, 6x100strides, C/D.  ~11.5mi total.  Great day, great crew, felt strong throughout.
Wed: Lunch 8mi, 1hr.  Feel heavy after yesterday!
     PM 8mi with Leen and Jesse around Golf Course.  A few raindrops.  Good run, good company.
Thur: AM 7.5 total early with Steph and Leen.  20min w/u, 10x30second fast with full recovery on Academy Track, 20min c/d
     PM 7.5 around Golf Course and Johnson with Oxygen Morons, bumped in to Jesse and others as well!  Good day.
Fri: REST.  No running.  Slept in, abs, acupuncture, dinner out, thunderstorms.  I haven't ever enjoyed a rest day as much as this one.  Didn't even feel like running!
Sat: AM 40min with LeenBug, 6x100 strides (dodging little barking dogs!)
Sun: AM Women's Distance Festival 5k.  24min w/u, 5K in 17:51, 25min easy, 35min 6:55pace.  14.25mi total.  First place in the race, third win.  Couldn't be happier with a lifetime PR of 7 seconds!
Totals: Just under 84miles total.  Thought it would be lower than that!  Anyways, I am not allowed to complain about a PR, or anything about this week.  A great week/weekend of training, fun, and racing with fab people.  Life is good.

Week of July 15:
Mon: AM early massage with Bresson after flight home from Nashville, 4mi easy
     PM 9mi around Uptown solo.  Nice and cool.
Tues: AM Academy workout with the Dukes.  12+ miles total.  W/U, 6x100 strides, 6xmile at alternating 10K and marathon pace (5:54, 6:17, 5:57, 6:15, 5:59, 6:14), 5min jog, 6x100strides, C/D.  Felt happy and good.
     Lunch 7mi easy
Wed: AM 5mi easy
     PM 8mi easy with Steph and Leen
Thur: AM 90min trail run in the foothills with Jaynee, Steph, Leen.  Trails are hard for me, still!  6x100strides. 9+ miles.
     Lunch 8 easy miles
Fri: AM 6 easy
     PM 8 through ABQ Uptown
Sat: AM 3 hr run with Steph and Leen.  22 hilly/humid miles in a little over three hours.  I def didn't fuel right.  Ugh.  Not sure what to add/subtract.  Yogurt/Chia for breakfast felt great, Perpetum 270cal, Nuun.  I think I need to add gels back, going to try some date based Vega products for the next long.
Sun: AM 5mi with Lulu, then 7 more with TK.  10xmin fast, only at 6:00 pace because a little heavy from yesterday.  Oops, was supposed to do 10x100m strides but misread!  12mi total
     PM 2mi easy
Totals: 112 miles.  Workout Tuesday was awesome, comfortable, strong, and just what I needed.  Long run, not fab, but have to be smarter about fueling.  No aches and pains, doing 25min of strength 3x/week.  Yay for racing next week!!!!

Week of July 8:
Mon: AM 12 perfect miles through Boston.  1:30 total.  Gentle progression.  8:30 first mile, 6:40 last mile.  PM flight back to ABQ.  Landed three hours late.
Tues: AM Academy track with the Dukes.  W/U, 6x100m strides, 10x(1min fast, 1min easy jog, 1min marathon pace, right into next set).  Fast was around 5:25pace, marathon pace ranged from 6:05-6:35 (avg around 6:20).  Felt sluggish, but hit the paces.  5min jog, 6x100strides, C/D.  ~9.5miles.  Loved this workout.
     PM 6miles easyish around Uptown
Wed: AM 10 easy with Rich and Arlene around Academy.  81min.
     Lunch 2.5mi in the SUN
     PM 2.5mi on mill with light abs
Thur: AM 5am start for a 3 hour run.  Didn't go as planned.  Made it through 2:30 before having to go to work, so 19miles instead of the planned 23-24.  Decided to make it a double day, running on tired legs in the afternoon, but still much faster pace than this mornings run!
     PM 7.5mi around Academy with Jonathan (sub 7:30)
Fri: 3miles at 4AM before flight to NASHVILLE
     PM 7 miles with TK around Nashville
Sat: AM Hilly and tough 2hr run!  16miles-ish?  5/3/1 min fartlek times 3 with full recovery, 5min ~6:20-30, 3min ~6flat, 1min sub 6:00 pace.  Strides after.  Hills.  Tired.
Sun: AM 5mi easy, had planned on 10 but ran out of time.  PM flight back to ABQ
Totals: 100miles.  Not psyched about how the long run went.  Going to have a solid three weeks in ABQ with no travel, looking forward to some normalcy and consistency.  Women's Distance Fest coming up and then Vancouver!

Week of July 1:
Mon: AM early massage with Bresson.  ouch.
     PM 10.5 easy but windy miles around Academy with the ladies.  Light glute/core after.
Tues: AM workout at Academy with Dukes.  13+mi total.  W/U, 6x100strides, 5xmin fast/min easy, 5min jog, 12min at marathon pace (was shooting for 6:15, could only squeeze out 6:25s), 5min progression from slow to fast leading into a second 12min interval at MP (again, 6:25), 6x100strides, C/D.  Felt average.  Didn't have a pacer this week, like last week, first interval felt good and second...hard.  Racing Thursday so we will see how that feels!
     PM Strength session one hour with Jessica, 2.5mi easy run afterwards.
Wed: AM 10mi early around Academy
Thur: AM York, Maine Four on the Fourth.  11mi total.  Second female.  First mile, 6flat, last mile 6:40.  Average 6:22.  Hot, humid day.  Satisfactory first race since Boston.  Attempted a workout afterwards, as instructed...had to call and get a ride home.  Tough day!
Fri: AM 12 miles with Matt.  Hot.  Humid.  Not sore at all from yesterday.
Sat: AM 22 miles, 2:52 total.  Stopped at mile 15 for a cold shower and a change of clothes.  Brutal day number three.
Sun: AM 8miles easy with 10x30second turnover
Totals: 89 miles total.  Eleven short of my goal for the week.  New respect for humidity and heat.  I'm never one to miss out on EASY SLOW miles, I can normally always squeeze it in somehow...but...this time around, it was too much physiologically for me.  Workouts at 6K feet are faster and feel easier than New England sea level humidity!  Hoping for a better week!

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