Sept 2012

Week of 9/24/12
Mon: AM 8mi easy
Tues: AM 12 mi total workout at Sandia track (6x100strides, 6xmile (6:06, 6:30, 6:04, 6:28, 6:00, 6:25, 6x100strides)
     PM 9mi
Wed: AM 8mi
     PM 10mi with the ladies at Rio Grande bike path
Thur: PM 12miles (supposed to do workout, but too cranky after a long day)
Fri: AM (like 4:30am) Total 18mile workout at Sandia track (10xmile with 1min recovery 6:28-6:34pace)
Sat: AM 10miles with 8x100m strides
Sun: Workout 13miles total...(6x100strides, 2x(10min 6:30pace, 2min recovery, 5min 6:15pace, 2min recovery, 2:30 6:00pace), 6x100strides)
TOTALS: 100miles.  Woop :)  Favorite workout of the last two years, 10xMile while an almost full moon is setting and the sun is rising.  Pretty cool.

Week of 9/17/12
Mon: AM 8mi
     PM 4mi
Tues: AM 10mi
     PM: 7mi
Wed: PM 11mi total workout with Arlene and Jesse keeping me honest (6x100 strides, 5/4/3/2/1min with half interval recovery, 5min jog, 1/2/3/4/5min work back up.  6:20 down to 6:00 pace and back up, 5min jog, 6x100strides)
Thur: AM 2mi
     PM 15mi total workout (6x100 strides, treadmill 50min at 6:35pace...supposed to be marathon pace -6:25, but tired...5x1min fast/1min easy, 6x100 strides)
Fri: AM 4mi
Sat: AM Pajarito Canyon 10K race in Los Alamos.  Up the ski mountain 9400ft up to 10500ft and back down.  Super rocky footing.  Nice effort, didn't push it knowing long coming tomorrow.  1st place female, 8th place overall.  66min total (8mi with w/u, c/d)
     PM 4mi
Sun: 22mi Rio Grande bike path finishing final 5mi at 6:30pace, 6x100mi strides after
Totals: 95 total, two workouts, one trail race, one solid long.  Abs + arms for the first time in forever.

Week of 9/10/12
Mon: Hot yoga at Cloud 9 + 7mi + Hot yoga at Cloud 9
Tues: AM 9mi
     PM 11 total workout ( ) + hot yoga at Cloud 9
Wed: AM 12 mi, fly to MAINE
Thur: AM 20miler through York
Fri: AM 8mi in Bar Harbor
Sat: PM 4.5mi post wedding.  uggh.
Sun: AM 7.5mi around Eagle Lake Carriage Trails
Totals: 79mi + 3(hot yoga).  Short week.  Missed a couple workouts and about fifteen miles.  Bad Liz.

Week of 9/3/12
Mon: 13
Tues: 12 split: Am workout w/u, 6x100 strides, 5xmin fast with min recovery, 20min marathon pace (6:20), 5min jog, 5xmin fast with min recovery, 6x100strides, c/d
Wed: 12 split
Thur: 12 split: PM workout w/u, 2x(30s fast/min easy, 5min at 5K effort (6flat), min easy/30s fast) with five min recovery between, 4x100 strides, c/d
Fri: 10.5 Am, travel to Chi
Sat: 4.5 with 10x30s strides on Lake Shore
Sun: 17 total...Humbling experience at the Chicago half marathon.  Went out too fast, first four miles at six flat, then bombed for the middle miles, last four back on pace...had I only run evenly, had planned for sub 1:20.  Oh well, learning experience, banking miles doesn't always work!  Took a risk that unfortunately didn't play out...seventh woman of 3,900 ladies.
Totals: 81 miles total

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