August 2012

Week of 8/27/12
Mon: (my birthday!) 12 mi (90min) around the lakes in Minnesota
Tues: AM 10mi workout on the track...W/U, 6x100 strides, 3 x 3/2/1min on the track (5:50pace and faster for shorter intervals), 1min recovery between intervals and 3min between sets, 6x100m strides, C/D
     PM 3mi
Wed: 11mi (85min) late night, brutally tired from work
Thur: AM 4mi (+10x30sec pickups)
     PM 8mi
Fri: 12mi total at Lobo invitational.  11th place out of the college girls with a slow 19:34!  Surprised I didn't get my ass kicked, nice to know I can still hang in there.
Sat: 10mi (78min)
Sun: 20mi.  Attempted a workout, but screwed up my blood sugar badly, energy level all screwed up...but at least the miles got done.
Total: 90mi for the week

Week of 8/20/12
Mon: 8mi (61min) up and back down Pennsylvania East-West Arroyo
     PM 3mi around Bullhead Park
Tues: AM 8mi (59min)...up and back Penn E-W Arroyo
     PM 3mi mill
Wed: AM 5mi around Uptown
     PM 6mi around Uptown
Thur: 21mi, 3hrs.  Fothills for 100min then up and down Tramway for remainder.  Lucky to have the boys throughout to keep me moving.
Fri: 9 early AM around Uptown
Sat: AM 7 (53min)
     PM 4mi (30min)
Sun: AM 4mi around Lake Harriet
     PM 20min easy, 6x100strides, 10x1min fast/1min eas, 5min jog, 4miles at 5:54,6:06,6:30,6:21, 5min jog, 6x100strides, 15min easy (12ish)
Totals: 90miles baby

Week of 8/13/12
Mon: 9mi (74min) with Father around York
Tues: 9mi in ABQ
Wed: 2 in AM
    PM workout 24min w/u, 6x100m strides, 5,4,3,2,1min at 6min progressively faster with 2min recovery, 5min jog, 6x100m stride, 20min c/d (11.5mi+ total)
Thur: 4mi AM
    PM 8mi
Fri: 2mi AM
   PM 10mi workout: 20min w/u, 10x1min hill (7%ish) with fast downhill (recovery at top and bottom of hill), 4mi cd
Sat: 22.5mi (3hr, 8min pace) with Stephanie and Brenda on Rio Grande trail.  Felt good.
Sun: AM 2.5mi easy hike in Taos
   PM 9mi, 67min around Bullhead Park.  10x100m strides during run
Totals: 87mi total with two workouts.  Feeling unflexible, hoping to get some yoga in next week and after.

Week of 8/6/12
Mon: AM Bikram Portsmouth 90min    PM 10mi (75min) around Rye Beach
Tues: Late night with the Henschke girls...mid-day hilly 10miler (80min) to the top of Mount Agamenticus
Wed: 20miler progression AM.  79min first 10miles, 37min next fivemiles (7:24), 21min next three (7:00), 12:50 final two miles (6:25pace, finished on the track).  Tough day mentally, should have gotten to the track earlier to get on faster pace earlier.  Lonely day.
Thur: 8mi (60min)
Fri: 20min w/u, 6x100strides, 6x5min at 6:05,10,10,10,10,6:00, 5minjog, 6x100strides, 20min c/d.  Workout done on track, was shooting for 5:45 but super humid and tired.  (12mi+)
Sat: 8.5mi (60min) at Great Bay in Portland
Sun: 5.5mi with Father and Michael.  Terrible.  Weddings are bad for running.
Totals: 74mi, low week but last week in Maine.  Sad.

Week of 7/30/12
Mon: 4mi at the beach
Tues: AM 7.5mi (56min), PM 8.5mi (65min)
Wed: AM 4mi, PM Charles 15min w/u, 6x100strides, 40min at 6:25pace (6.25mi), 5x1min fast, 6x100strides, 15min c/d (11.5total)
Thur: AM 10mi (63min) with Jess at Battle Road in Arlington
   PM 5mi with Matt 38min
Fri: AM 4mi  PM 2mi
Sat: Beach to Beacon 10K - 2mi w/u, 10K in 37:52 (6:06pace), 7.5mi/60min c/d (15.5mi total) 24th female, 5th Maine woman overall.  Road 10K PR.
Sun: AM 8mi with no watch recovery run   PM 5mi
Totals:  85mi total.  Felt solid and consistent at B2B, felt too strong at the end, could have pushed it harder.  But happy with a 10K PR. 

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