December 2012

Week of 12/24/12:
Mon: AM 10mi in STL COLD
Tues: Christmas!!!  Running wise, not the most wonderful day of the year...ended up stranded in an airport with a big zero for the day.
Wed: AM 10mi to Academy and back solo.
     PM 8mi in the dark, following the Christmas lights.
Thur: AM 5mi on the mill
     PM 6mi around town with 10x30s strides
Fri: AM five am five miler.
     PM 4mi on mill
Sat: AM 9mi trail run with the ladies.  Sunny and cold.
     Noontime 60min hot yoga at Evolv with my parents.  Dream come true.  Though they looked miserable.
Sun: AM two hour, 16miles (20min wu, 20min at half marathon effort 6:40 pace, 20min easy, 20min half marathon effort 7min pace) accomplanied by the fabulous Arlene.  Cold, tough day, terrible workout, with a headwind on the return to the cars.  But it's done now.
     PM 53min 7mi
Totals: 80 miles, first real attempt at a real workout this cycle.  Hectic week with travels and family in town all week, so happy to be able to get in what is listed!  Jan One it gets real.

Week of 12/17/12:
Mon: 8mi AM
Tues: 11mi AM half with Lulu
Wed: AM sleep PM 10mi mill with 10x1min pickups at 6:10pace full recovery + strides outside
Thur: AM 7mi with Arlene pre-dawn PM 8mi mill
Fri: AM 7mi at 4:30am....PM travel to St. Louis!
Sat: 4mi total.  Oops.  Wayyyy late night with the crazy uncles.  Love.
Sun: 10mi loop in am with strides ant 3xmile at 5k effort (no time because no watch, so def "effort" only.  Prob 6:30ish.  Slow Liz.)  PM 5mi
Totals: 70 only sad Liz and missed my progression run.  Travel, holidays, and needing a change of mind.  Jan 1 is approaching.  Is a New Years Resolution to cliche???

Week of 12/10/12:
Mon: AM 8mi 60min
Tues: AM 8mi half with Lululemon, half solo PM 60min hot yoga at Evolv
Wed: PM 8mi with Stephanie, Arlene, Jesse, Jaynee (5xmin with full recovery, 5x30s)
Thur: AM 6mi with Molly
Fri: AM 6mi on mill
Sat: AM 8mi
Sun: AM 90min 12mi in the cold on Tramway with Dukes crew
   PM Farolito 5k (24min jog, while wearing a box wrapped as a gift)
Totals: 59 miles.  Not as much yoga as I would have liked, but six full days of work and making up for X-mas shopping took up tons of time.  All in all, solid enough week.  Looking forward to the holidays!

Week of 12/3/12:
Mon: AM 4.5mi (35min) up Penn Arroyo
Tues: AM 4.5mi with Lululemon peeps, PM hot pilates at Blissful Spirits 60min
Wed: AM 2mi PM 4mi with Arlene and Jaynee
Thur: OFF.  90min sports massage with Al.  Going to go every three weeks.  Time to turn over a new leaf and care about not getting hurt.
Fri: 6mi 44min in AM with Molly
Sat: ABQ Academy with Steph, Arlene, Jaynee, 20min, 8x100m strides, 5 min CD
Sun: 90min 12miler at Alameda with the Dukes crew.  Felt wonderful, rested, but for sure out of shape.  Great day, great people!
Totals: 37mi, one sports massage, a head cold all week, one yoga sesh.  Good recovery week!

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