June 2012

Week of 6/25/12
Mon: 80min mill 10mi
Tues: AM 4mi, PM treadmill workout...20min w/u, 6x100m, 5x3min hill repeats with 3min recovery, 6x100m, 20min c/d (9ish?)
Wed: AM 60min, 8mi around Uptown streets
   PM 2mi mill...AEGD GRADUATION
Thur: PM 5mi with sister Sarah Uptown
Fri: PM 5.5mi at Academy with Sarah and some Dukes
Sat: 8.5 with Sarah to UNM golf course 60min
Sun: post wedding exhaustion + late night champagne.  DAY-OFF
Totals: 48miles.  Ugh.  Busy week with life (family in town, celebrations, completing my one-year AEGD program).  It happens!

Week of 6/19/12
Mon: AM: NADA.  Slept in till 6am!
   PM: 4PM, 9mi run, 70min, 95degrees.  Followed by an attempt at 60min hot yoga...only space available direct sunlight...had to leave the room for the first time in years, laid out on the sidewalk, very close to blacking out...not a good idea for back-to-back activities in this heat.
Tues: AM 15min, 2mi...oops, reset my 4:45am alarm for 6:30...kinda tired
   PM: Treadmill...20min w/u outside, 6x100m strides, Progression run 60min (starting from 7:45 progressing every mile 20sec increments to 6:00, 9mi total), 6x100m strides, 10min c/d (13.5mi total)
Wed: AM 52min with Molly near UNM neighborhoods (7mi), then 23min solo (3mi)
Thur: AM hot yoga 60min followed by 4.5mi into the windstorm...not a good combo.
   PM 30min 4mi mill
Fri: 2.5mi w/u, 6x100, 5x3min (800m) with 400 recovery, 5min jog, 2mile repeat (slow 6:25's), 1.5mi c/d (10.25mi)
Sat: 80min trail run with Dukes, 9.75mi, great run...then 8hours of movoing boxes to a new apartment...uggh.  Tired.
Sun Alameda bike path with Dukes, small group of three for 2:14 (18mi).
Totals: 81mi, two workouts, 120min hot yoga.  Plus moving.  

Week of 6/11/12
Mon: AM abbrev workout 15min w/u, 6x100m strides, 3x3min hills with downhill recovery, 10min progression run (6:40 down to 6:00 at La Cueva), 6x100m strides, 8min c/d (~6mi)
   PM: 6mi (3up 3down) with Trevor (7:25pace) + 5x100m strides
Tues: AM one of my toughest runs in ABQ to date.  7.5mi, 60min.  3mi uphill and into the headwind.  Really hurting this am!
   PM: 4.5mi 35min around NE Heights.  HOT!  Working on the spandex tan.
Wed: AM 27min 3.5 around NE Heights.
   PM: Afternoon treadmill workout, 90+ outside!  Good day with a good book on the mill
     15min w/u, 6x100m strides, 45min progression run (7:30 dropping 20s per mile, down to last mile at 6:00, 6.5total), 5min jog, 6x100m strides, 15min c/d (~11.5mi)
Thur: Treadmill again.  20min w/u, 10x100m strides, 10min c/d (4.5mi)
Fri: AM at Academy track.  16min w/u, 6x100m strides, 5x1min fast (300+m) with 1min recovery, 4mi tempo at 6:28,29,28,25, 5min jog, 5x1min fast, 10min c/d (~11mi)
    PM 60min hot yoga at Evolv with Lauren...first day back in 2+weeks!
Sat: AM trails with Stephanie.  Felt like crap, super sluggish, still sleep-deprived from the week.  57min (6+mi?).  PM 31min outside, overcast, not terribly hot...4mi NE Heights
Sun: AM with Matt and Mark...18mi 2:13:00 (7:23 pace) at Alameda.  Felt wonderful, could have kept going.  Delish brunch post-run.

Totals: 78.5mi, 60min hot yoga.  Three workouts, one long run.  Full week of work.  I'll take it.

Week of 6/5/12
Mon: AM 5mi around NE Heights   PM 40min, 5mi on Treadmill, super windy out
Tues: AM 30min, 4mi around NE Heights  PM 59min, 8mi Bullhead with Trevor
Wed: AM La Cueva workout solo, 15min w/u, 6x100m strides, 4mi at 6:30,35,40,35 pace, 5min jog, 5x1min fast (300m), 15min c/d (9+)
   PM 4.5mi in foothills with Abq Roadrunners
Thur: AM 4mi PM 4mi on treadmill.  Busy day no time.
Fri: AM 3mi   PM Turnover day.  20min w/u, 8x100m (17s), 10min C/D  (5mi)
Sat: Late night with my docs last night means no morning runs :)  Camping in Taos.  Campsite at the base of a canyon, ran two miles up to the top of the mesa, another few through the grasslands above.  Beautiful beautiful.  Days like this you love running.  9+
Sun: 2hr evening trail run in the foothills.  Good exploring, tough run.  Pretty slow scrambling over some boulders 12+
Totals: 72mi, bunch of hills and trails.  Ok week for being busssssy.

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