November 2012

Week of 11/26/12
Mon: AM 4mi SLOW, still feeling "post-marathon weird." PM 60min hot yoga at Evolv
Tues: AM 4 mi with LuluRunClub, stretch sesh, 60min hot yoga at Evolv.
Wed: Both AM and PM 60min hot yoga at Evolv
Thur: Double session PM hot yoga at Evolv 120min
Fri: PM hot yoga at Cloud9
Sat: 25min run with Steph, Lauren, Rich at Academy (3+mi), hot yoga at Evolv
Sun: 35min run with DUKES at Alameda!  (4.5+) Double session 120min hot yoga at Evolv and Cloud9
Totals: Lots o' yoga, ~15.5mi

Week of 11/19/12
Mon: Day off, P90X yoga.
Tues: Yoga on York hour easy, 2.5mi SLOW on the beach.
Wed: 7.5mi loop with Stew, Bikram with Sarah
Thur: Solo Bikram, 10 mi with Sarah and Tyler
Fri: 7.5 mi with Tyler, Sarah, Yeaton
Sat: York High School Alumni Race!  Largest turnout ever, 10th annual.  Alumni win.
Sun: Travel day back to ABQ.
Totals: 30mi total, four yoga sessions

Week of 11/12/12
Mon: 40min easy up Pennsylvania arroyo and back down.  COLD COLD 28degrees!  What??
Tues: Early AM workout on the mill ~7.5miles...w/u, 6x100strides, 3min,2min,1min with 1min recovery in between, 5min jog, 2xmile at half marathon pace (6:10 up here), 5min jog, 6x100strides, c/d.  Part of this with Lululemon, followed by yoga stretch 30min.
Wed: 30min easy with 2x100 strides...4mi
Thur: 15min w/u, 5x1min at 6:27pace, 5min c/d...3+ish
Fri: Travel day to Philadelphia!  No running allowed.  Thanks Brett blah.
Sat: 2mi, 4x100 strides
Sun: TWENTYSIXPOINTTWO.  2:50:12.  Best race I've ever had :)

Week of 11/5/2012
Mon: AM 60min 7.5mi easy, PM hot yoga stretch
Tues: AM 14mi workout (w/u, 6x100strides, 3xmile at 5k EFFORT (ha, slow 6:30s) with 2min recovery, 10min jog, 3mi marathon pace (ha, again slow 6:45-50), 6x100strides, c/d).  Low blood sugar, felt weak, my mistake.
Wed: AM 60min 8mi
     PM massage therapy for perineal tendonitis with Laura
Thur: 20min w/u, 6x100strides, 20min of alternating minutes (5K pace/effort into marathon pace, 5K, MP, etc), 20min c/d, 6x100 strides.  8.5ish total
Fri: DAY OFF OF RUNNING, afternoon hot yoga
Sat: 3.5mi with Lululemon, 6x100strides, light pilates and yoga afterwards
Sun: 15min w/u, 6x100strides, 5xmile at MP (6:15,28,29,30,25), 6x100strides, 15min c/d.  10mi total.
Totals: 51.5mi total

Recap: Taper time!  Had my first day off of running since July 6th of this year.   Three and a half months of running every day.  This is the first marathon cycle I haven't hated running by taper time.  Instead, I love it more!  Trying to take time to sleep, eat, foam roll, relax with friends.  Workouts and miles done.  Bring it Philly.

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