March 2012

Week of 3/25/12
Sun: 16mi with Dukes Bosque bike path (7:10 for first 8, 7:25-30 second 8)  
     -tough but great day
     Barre strength at noon with Sherwin, Kevin, Erica
Mon: 2mi am
     5mi trail run from Indian School with ARR.  Great effort, quick with boys.
Tues: Slept in till 6:45am.  Whoa.  
     5mi at UNM golf course.  Very tired today, not feeling it.
     Barre stretch 60 min with Sam
Wed: Hot Yoga AM, 6 mi, 46min at Academy.
Thur: 4 in am, 5 in PM golfcourse
Fri: 4 in am, 2.5 at lunch.
Sat: 5 slow.  
TOTALS: 54.5, yoga and Barre.

Week of 3/18/12
Sun: 5mi on Tramway, 30mph winds and a dust storm.  Winning.
     Barre Strength class at Evolv
Mon: Hot vinyasa 6am
     5 chilly miles PM
Tues: 4.5 am
     75min hot yoga
Wed: 4mi am
     3mi lunch
     Barre strength pm
     bike/music/company 7mi for Trevor's tempo
Thur: 6am Barre Strength
     3mi am
     6mi at lunch (7:10s)
Fri: 6 at Academy am
     Great hot yoga with Katie 75min PM
Sat: 6mi with Lulu ladies in AM (8:30pace, nice recovery)
     Hot yoga 60min at noon
TOTALS: 42.5mi, 7+ hrs yoga...lovely week

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